Housing instructions

Why should you fill in an apartment card when moving in? Can I paint the walls of my apartment? Where should I advise my friend to park their car?

On the Instructions page, we have compiled information, instructions and tips for applying for and living in Soihtu’s housing location. See also our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.



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Sometimes you might face situations where everything doesn't go as smoothly as it should. In those situations, you have the possibility to make a complaint to Soihtu. The complaint has to be made in writing within reasonable time, and it will be...

Difficulties with rent payment

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Here you can find information about how Soihtu is processing with unpaid rents. It usually is a process during which we try to reach the tenant repeatedly providing opportunities and advice to solve the situation. Our rent secretaries and tenant...

Disturbance Report


If your neighbour’s disturbing life is recurring despite a kind remark, you can fill in the disturbance report below.  The disturbance report must include the apartment number and the...



Unfortunately from time to time, disturbing noise can be a part of everyday life, especially when living in an apartment building. Therefore, living in an apartment building requires rules and tolerance for noises coming from the neighbor's...

Door opening, spare key


You can call for a door opening that is subject to charge by calling the on-call number any time of day. Notice, that the same price list is valid, if you need a door opening to a common room. Door openings are handled by Soihtu Facility Services...

Eviction process


Eviction is a legal process that a landlord has to resort to when a tenant’s lease has expired but the resident has not moved out of the apartment by the agreed date. The lease may have terminated either due to the tenant's own termination or the...

General Housing Rules of Kortepohja Student Village

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APARTMENTS Silent hours between 23 pm – 7 am. Apartments need to be cleaned and maintained properly. Non-functioning radiators, water leaks and other damage to water pipes and cords must be reported immediately to the maintenance. Every...



The heating in all of Soihtu's buildings is controlled automatically according to the outside temperatures. The system measures the outside temperature continuously and channels the heating into the radiators accordingly. The water-circulating...

Internet connection isn’t working


If your computer doesn’t connect to the network, check our instructions on how to start using the broadband connection. On our support site, there are solutions for most common problems regarding the internet connection. If the instructions...

Lost & Found

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If you find lost & found items from Soihtu's housing locations, we kindly ask you to deliver them to the police station in Jyväskylä, as it is stated in the law. We do not take in any lost & found items, but if we end up receiving them,...

Lost key


If you lose your keys, visit our customer service. The lost key will be charged from you. At the same time, you can get a new key. Please note that a lost key will be charged from you the latest when you move out even though you could manage...

Mail delivery

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Letters and other mail are delivered by Posti and other mail delivery companies. It is the tenant's responsibility to file a moving notice every time they move, therefore Soihtu is not responsible for the previous tenant's mail. If you don't...