Sometimes you might face situations where everything doesn’t go as smoothly as it should. In those situations, you have the possibility to make a complaint to Soihtu. The complaint has to be made in writing within reasonable time, and it will be replied within two weeks. The possible refund will be given to your next rent.

If you want to make a complaint about your neighbor or any other disturbance in your apartment building, do not fill in this form. In that case, kindly fill in the Disturbance report form.

Complaint about the condition of an apartment

The apartments are inspected after the previous tenant has moved out but sometimes the new tenant starts moving in before the inspection, or it might have been a while since the previous tenant has moved out. All the flaws and defects have to be entered into the apartment card. If it is necessary to clean or repair something urgently, please contact Soihtu Facility Services. They have to be contacted also if flaws turn up later on when living in the apartment.

If your apartment is in a bad condition or hasn’t been cleaned or some other services concerning the apartment are not right, you can send a complaint to us via form below. Explain your complaint thoroughly – you can also attach photos as proof.

Please note the noise caused by a construction site isn’t a cause for a refund.

Complaint about an apartment inspection

Soihtu Facility Services is responsible for apartment inspections in all Soihtu’s housing locations. The tenant who is moving out will receive an email when the inspection is done. The message mentions if deficiencies with the condition of the apartment or cleaning are found. Notice, that all of these faults will not automatically be invoiced from the tenant, as some of them might be normal wear and tear. 

If you disagree with the deficiencies that has been invoiced from you, you can write a complaint about the apartment inspection using the form below. A complaint must always be done within reasonable time to Soihtu Facility Services. 

Complaint about other harm

If you feel something other than the condition of your apartment has caused you unreasonable harm or disadvantage, send your complaint to Soihtu Housing using this form below. Explain your complaint thoroughly (you can attach photos or previous emails) and tell what would be a reasonable refund in this case. Please note the noise caused by a construction site isn’t a cause for a refund.

Complaint form

  • Describe the complaint as accurately as possible. Give a comprehensive explanation as to why you are applying for a rent or invoice refund. It is also possible to attach a picture at the end of this form.
  • If you wish, present your own view on reasonable compensation.
  • Max. file size: 10 MB.
    For example, a photo / photos of the apartment or a copy of the receipt if you are applying for a refund for a payment.

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Reforms to services

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Soihtu wants to offer its customers the smoothest possible customer service experience. Starting in September, you can book a personal service appointment at the Housing Service Point through the online booking system.

When you move out, return the keys as instructed – this ensures the next tenant can move in on time

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We instruct the tenant to return the keys on time to ensure the new tenant's move goes as smoothly as possible. The compensation price list now includes charges for incorrect and late key returns.

August apartments offered

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All apartments available at the beginning of August have now been offered, and most have already had tenancy agreements signed. Individual apartments or shared rooms may still become available at the beginning of August if someone declines their apartment offer.