Sometimes tenants face situations where everything doesn’t go as smoothly as it should. In those situations, the tenant has the possibility to make a complaint. The complaint has to be made in writing within reasonable time, and it will be replied within two weeks. The possible refund will be given to your next rent.

Complaint about an apartment inspection

Soihtu Facility Services is responsible for apartment inspections in all Soihtu’s housing locations. The tenant who is moving out will receive an email when the inspection is done. The message mentions if deficiencies with the condition of the apartment or cleaning are found. 

If you disagree with the deficiencies found in the apartment inspection, you can write a complaint about the apartment inspection.
A reclamation must always be done in writing within reasonable time to Soihtu Facility Services to the address The complaints are replied within two weeks.

Complaint about the condition of an apartment

If your apartment is in a bad condition or hasn’t been cleaned, you can send a complaint to Explain your complaint thoroughly – you can also attach photos as proof. The complaints are replied within two weeks.

The apartments are inspected after the previous tenant has moved out but sometimes the new tenant starts moving in before the inspection, or it might have been a while since the previous tenant has moved out. All the flaws and defects have to be entered into the apartment card. If it is necessary to clean or repair something urgently, please contact Soihtu Facility Services. They have to be contacted also if flaws turn up later on when living in the apartment.

Complaint about an invoice or a reminder

If you think there is a mistake in or are no grounds for an invoice or a reminder, send your complaint to Explain your complaint thoroughly. The complaints are replied within two weeks.

Complaint about other harm

If you feel something – other than the condition of your apartment – has caused you unreasonable harm or disadvantage, send your complaint to Explain your complaint thoroughly (you can attach photos or previous emails) and tell what would be a reasonable refund in this case. Your complaint will be replied within two weeks.

Please note the noise caused by a construction site isn’t a cause for a refund.

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