Housing instructions

Why should you fill in an apartment card when moving in? Can I paint the walls of my apartment? Where should I advise my friend to park their car? On the Instructions page, we have compiled information, instructions and tips for applying for and living in Soihtu’s housing location.


Apartment inspections

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When you move out Soihtu Facility Services will the check the condition of the apartment. In some apartments in Kortepohja Student Village, also pre-inspections are conducted. Please read the instructions below and out move-out...



Taking are of cleanliness and condition of the apartment are included in a tenant’s responsibilities. We have compiled extensive instructions for cleaning both for maintaining cleanliness in your apartment and for move-out cleaning so that taking...

General Housing Rules of Kortepohja Student Village

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APARTMENTS Silence hours between 23 pm – 7 am.Apartments need to be cleaned and maintained properly. Non-functioning radiators, water leaks and other damage to water pipes and cords must be reported immediately to the maintenance.Each apartment...

Move-out cleaning

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Every apartment must always be cleaned carefully when moving out. Here you can find extensive cleaning instructions when moving out is current.  Responsibilities of a moving tenant include:  Cleaning surfaces in all rooms (e.g....

Pricelist for damages and lost items

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Tenants will be charged according to this pricelist if they have lost or broken items related to the apartment, or broken or mistreated the apartment in their control. Measures which aren't mentioned in this pricelist are charged according to actual...

Tenant’s Cleaning Instructions


Soihtu Facility Services takes care of the cleanliness of the common rooms and spaces. As a tenant, you should take care of the cleanliness and general upkeep of your apartment. Regular cleaning is a tenant’s basic responsibility – clean...

Waste disposal in Kortepohja Student Village


Waste disposal in Kortepohja Student Village is handled with concentrated waste collection points in which most of the container are deep collection containers. Waste is sorted into mixed and compostable waste, paper, cardboard and metal. The...