Door opening, spare key

You can call for a door opening that is subject to charge by calling the on-call number any time of day. Notice, that the same price list is valid, if you need a door opening to a common room.

Door openings are handled by Soihtu Facility Services on working days from 7 am to 3.30 pm (price 20€, Note! 25 € from 1.3.2024 onwards) and on other times they are handled by K2 Turvapalvelut (price 50€, Note! 60 € from 1.3.2024 onwards). The phone number is always +358 10 524 8315 (8,35 cent / call + 16,69 cent /min).

You will get the invoice for the door opening to your email afterwards.

Spare key

In accordance with good rental practice, we will hand over the keys to the tenant when he or she moves in.

Please also remember to take good care of your keys. We will always charge the tenant for lost keys or key cards.

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