Unfortunately from time to time, disturbing noise can be a part of everyday life, especially when living in an apartment building. Therefore, living in an apartment building requires rules and tolerance for noises coming from the neighbor’s apartment.

The Public order Act in the Finnish law is followed in all Soihtu’s housing locations, and no one may unnecessarily cause disturbance with their behaviour or in any other way so that living is as comfortable as possible for everyone. The official silence hours are between 11 pm – 7 am and should be carefully observed. 

Remember that as a tenant you are responsible for making sure your guests follow the common rules and regulations both inside your apartment and in the common areas.  

If you find that your neighbour’s way of life disturbs your living repeatedly, try to talk with the person in question first. It may be that the person in question has not known that s/he has caused disturbance. 

In case the disturbance continues, contact service number of Soihtu Facility Services (+358 10 524 8315) so that the nature and source of the disturbance can be confirmed by a guard. A guard can note the tenant about the disturbance or consider, if it is necessary, to call the police. Also contact the service number to call in the guard, in case you notice disturbance or trespassers inside the building or in any common areas or spaces.

When the disturbance is serious (e.g. threat of violence) turn to the police right away so that they can calm the situation quickly. In the end, issues regarding safety and order are the authorities responsibility to handle, and everybody has a right to call out the police. The emergency number for the police is 112. After calling the police, please inform the Facility Services also so that the landlord/lessor also knows about the serious disturbance that has required the police to visit. Please consider that the police do not inform the lessor about their possible visits. 

You can fill in a disturbance report of a repeated disturbance to the service point of Soihtu Housing. 

Disturbances FAQ:

Disturbance Report

If your neighbour’s disturbing life is recurring despite a kind remark, you can fill in the disturbance report. 

General Housing Rules

Living in an apartment building requires common rules and a good dose of tolerance. The Student Village is subject to the law of public order. The resident is also responsible for complying with the laws and regulations regarding his or her guests, both in the apartment and in the common areas.

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