As tenant of Soihtu

We have wanted to make it as easy as possible for our tenants to use our services. Most of the housing related matters are easy to do electronically, all the way from apartment application to termination of the tenancy agreement.

You can easily manage your tenancy via the Tenant’s page and book common rooms online via Tenants’ booking system. Maintenance requests can be made using the online form and the Housing Instructions on our website provides plenty of information.

Tenant’s page

Tenant’s page of Soihtu is a tenant’s channel for electronic services. At the tenant’s page, you can, for instance, check your current rent payment situation and update your email address and phone number to our system. Soihtu’s tenant communication and billing occurs using the email address that you have informed us so please keep your contact information updated.


As a tenant of Soihtu, you can reserve, for instance, a sauna turn, laundry room or rooms in Rentukka through our online reservation system.

Communal activities

Common areas, active tenants’ activity and clubs and events are a part of community action that we at Soihtu want to assist.

Becoming acquainted with your neighbours is easy in the common areas and events and sharing different things is eco-friendly.

Tenant advisor

Tenant advisor is also a part of the services for tenants living in all Soihtu’s housing locations.

When you need advice and help with prolonged rent payment difficulties, a neighbour’s recurrent disturbing or other life management issues regarding tenancy, you can contact our tenant advisor.

As a tenant in Soihtu’s apartment building

Contact the facility services!

Soihtu Facility services maintain all Soihtu’s properties.

If there are things that need repairing in your apartment or in the common rooms, you can add them to our online maintenance record book by filling in a maintenance request.

In case of a door opening request or an urgent matter please call the service centre of Soihtu Facility Services (+358 10 524 8315).

Fill in a maintenance request

A clean home as a part of everyday life

A clean home is more comfortable to live in and increases the useful life of the apartment. When you clean regularly, the comfort and indoor air in your apartment improve.

Soihtu Facility Services that is in charge of maintenance both in the Student Village and at Vehkakuja 2 has compiled easy and handy tips for quick cleaning.

Take a look at the cleaning tips


At times, disturbances are a part of everyday life, especially when living in an apartment building. The Public order Act in the Finnish law is followed in all Soihtu’s housing locations, and no one may unnecessarily cause disturbance with their behaviour or in any other way so that living is as comfortable as possible for everyone. Please carefully read our instructions that guide you in case disturbances occur. You can also contact our tenant advisor if you have any questions.

Read more about disturbances

Changes are a part of everyday

Do you want to change apartments?

There are various types of apartment available in Kortepohja Student Village and at Vehkakuja. As Soihtu’s tenant you can easily change apartments if necessary. Perhaps you want to change from one housing location to another or are dreaming about an apartment on an upper floor. Whatever your grounds are, you can apply for changing apartments easily by filling our apartment application.

Temporarily assigning an apartment to someone else

Are you going to student exchange or to work on another area? You can temporarily assign your apartment to another person for a fixed period. In that case you must inform the customer service of Soihtu Housing. You can do that easily by filling in an online form.

Remember to also make a written tenancy agreement with the person you assign your apartment to and deliver copy of the agreement to our customer service.

Electronic notice

Time to move? If you want to give notice to terminate your tenancy agreement that is valid until further notice, it is easiest to do that using our electronic form. Please remember that the notice period is one full calendar month and a tenancy agreement can only be terminated to end of a month. As for a fixed-term tenancy agreement, it has in advance been made for the fixed term and the term cannot be changed.

Contact in case of payment difficulties

As Soihtu’s tenant the due date of your rent is always the 6th of each month. If you have difficulties with your payments or you want to ask additional information about them, contact our rent secretaries. In case of temporary payment difficulties is it worth it to negotiate about making a payment agreement. If necessary, you can also contact our tenant advisor.

Housing instructions

Why should you fill in an apartment card when moving in? Can I paint the walls of my apartment? Where should I advise my friend to park their car?
On the Instructions page, we have compiled information, instructions and tips for applying for and living in Soihtu’s housing location.