Construction and real estate development

Soihtu develops entire service environments following the principles of sustainable development. We create conditions where communities and life long learning can thrive.

Soihtu develops services and neighbourhoods with the tenants

The well-being of tenants, versatile housing options and well-functioning everyday services are our primary goals. We strive to be active developers of entire neighbourhoods.

Ongoing real estate developments in Kortepohja and Mäki-Matti

The renovation of the Tower blocks preserves the climate and cultural environment

The Student Union JYY has been a forerunner in the construction of the Kortepohja neighbourhood since its very beginning. The Tower Blocks A-E built in 1960s to 1970s are now one of the landmarks of the area, and as a whole, they have been conserved as an architectural heritage in the town plan.

Since 2017, a significant construction plan has been going on in the Kortepohja district. The Tower blocks are renovated one by one to meet the modern housing needs. The structures, systems and fittings in the buildings are thoroughly modernized. Services such as Rentukkatalo in connection with the tower blocks are unique in the Finnish student housing genre.

The progress of the Tower blocks’ renovation

Korttelikylä is under construction in Mäki-Matti

Soihtu Korttelikylä is an innovative real estate revelopment project. It’s the first project that the Student Union is undertaking with the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation KOAS.

The construction of Soihtu Korttelikylä makes the urban structure in the Jyväskylä cental area more diverse and compact and increases the availability of affordable rentals near the Jyväskylä educational facilities’ campuses.

According to its strategy, Soihtu aims at an undertaking that meets the requirements of sustainable development. The Soihtu Korttelikylä location will be meeting the standards of the highest possible energy grade A.

The progress of the Soihtu Korttelikylä construction

Kortepohja district

Soihtu manages a significant real estate property in the Kortepohja district of Jyväskylä. Soihtu’s investments in the development of the Kortepohja Student Village increase the amenities and services of the entire neighbourhood of 10 000 people.

In Kortepohja, we are building a modern urban environment, which increases the daily fluency, well-being and sociability for everyone. We co-operate with the local property owners, businesses and the city of Jyväskylä to add to Kortepohja’s attraction and gravity.

Kortepohja school and day-care center

The real estate development project lead by the City of Jyväskylä City is also visible in the Kortepohja Student village area. See the City of Jyväskylä’s webpage for information on the topic (in Finnish only; link opens to a new window).

Current events in Soihtu’s real estate development

The Renovation of the Tower blocks in Kortepohja Student Village

July 2021: Kortepohja Building D is being finished

The interiors and exteriors of the building are being finished for implementation. The final cleaning of the house is underway. External work includes installation of yard pavings and external equipment.

The construction site will change in July 2021

The construction site of building D will remain as it is until the project is completed in July 2021. Before the construction work is accepted, the worksite fences will be removed from around the building D and will be transferred to serve the construction site of building E.

In the planning of the worksites, the activities in the area and the safety of everyone moving around it will be taken into account as well as possible. Soihtu regularly discusses the safety and convenience of the area with the main contractor, who takes the issues into account as well as possible. A total of 40 to 50 staff members work on the site on average, and the traffic of personnel and freight to the worksite can be seen at a regular basis in both Soihtu buildings and other city dwellers. The routes on the area may change temporarily, and to protect everyone’s safety on the area, it’s important that the people moving about the area take each other into account.

The Kortepohja building E construction to be started in August 2021

The construction of building E in progressing in schedule. The decision of the contractor and the beginning of the project has been determined by the Board of Executives in May 2021 according to bids and negotiations carried out by Soihtu. The main contractor of building E will be Rakennus Kaseva. The worksite has been planned to begin in August 2021, when building D will be finished and accepted into use.

The development of the yard area

The Student Village area is returned piece by piece to the use of the Student Village tenants. Also the renovated greenery will be growing and adding to the comfort of the area for several decades into the future. The gardening work on the entrance route of the Kortepohja Student Village have been finished during the fall of 2020. The signage of the area has been added according to the plans in the spring – early summer of 2021. A special attention will be paid to the markings of the routes on the area on the grounds of the feedback received. Some obstacles have been installed around building C to keep any motor traffic on the designated routes.

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Kortepohja Tower blocks’ renovation

The renovation of Building D:

  • schedule: 8/2020 – 7/2021
  • apartments (studios): 149
  • Main contractor: YIT Suomi Oy

The renovation of Building E:

  • schedule 8/2021 – 7/2022
  • apartments (studios): 145
  • Main contractor: Rakennus Kaseva Oy

Soihtu Korttelikylä – new construction in Mäki-Matti neighbourhood

May 2021

The concrete element stuctures of the Soihtu Korttelikylä buildings are finished and the waterproof roof installed, so the tower crane has been taken down. Inside the building, the bathroom wall elements and bathroom floors are being installed. The interior floors are being evened and the building engineering is underway. The exteriors of the buildings are getting their final looks gradually as the exterior bricklaying moves forward. The development of the whole block has now begun as KOAS has also started their own project.

Soihtu planned the construction at Korttelikylä with care

The Soihtu Korttelikylä housing location has been planned for a lengthy period, and constructing on-site was started in December 2020. Before the actual construction work could be started, as early as Summer 2020, Soihtu took part in a massive earthwork project with the City of Jyväkylä, removing contaminated land from this site that used to host a gasoline station. Soihtu has partnered with the City of Jyväskylä for the updating of the city plan since 2016 according to the pre-contract.

The two major operators of Student Housing co-operating for the first time

Soihtu Korttelikylä is located in a quarter where another major cental Finland’s student housing operator, the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation KOAS, is planning to build their blocks of flats partly simultaneously with Soihtu. The operators have teamed up to plan the quarter as a whole, and Soihtu and KOAS will build the common spaces for the entire quater in co-operation. The tenants in both locations will benefit from the high-quality, multi-purpose common spaces for their studies and student life in accordance to their personal, modern apartments.

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Soihtu Korttelikylä new construction

  • Schedule: 12/2020 – 6/2022
  • Apartments: 158 (142 studios and 16 one-bedroom apartments)
  • Main contractor: Pohjola Rakennus Oy Suomi

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