Construction and real estate development

Soihtu develops entire service environments following the principles of sustainable development. We create conditions where communities and life long learning can thrive.

Soihtu develops services and neighbourhoods with the tenants

The well-being of tenants, versatile housing options and well-functioning everyday services are our primary goals. We strive to be active developers of entire neighbourhoods.

The new Soihtu development building U in Kortepohja

A new block of flats is built for students and student families. The building will also be the location of a new grocery store Sale by Keskimaa.

Construction schedule: 10 / 2023 – 03 / 2025

Distribution of spaces: 68 apartments, of which 17 studios, 44 one-bedroom apartments and 7 two-bedroom apartments, along with commercial spaces

9-storey block of flats

Energy class: A

Main contractor: Rakennusliike Soimu Oy

Main designer: Sweco Finland

Constructor: Soihtu

Picture: Sweco Finland Oy

Havainnekuva Kartanonkujan varrelle sijoittuvasta kerrostalosta

The building U under construction in Kortepohja Student Village is a hybrid building combining living and commercial spaces

The new building U of Soihtu, which started in October 2023, will offer apartments for students and student families as well as business premises to support the development of the Kortepohja district and maintain services in the area.

The energy class of the new building is A. In addition to modern structures and energy-efficient ventilation, it is achieved by using geothermal heat as the main form of heating the building, by using the condensation heat from the refrigeration equipment of the grocery store to heat the builging, and by producing part of the electricity the property needs with solar panels.

A total of 68 apartments are planned for the residential floors. The apartments are located on the 2nd to 9th floors of the 9-story building. The house’s selection of apartments is wide: the new building consists of two- and three-bedroomed apartments along with studios.

A grocery store by Keskimaa is located in a separate wing of the building. In addition to that, the street level of the new building has a business space for one or more operators. The renewed business spaces can help the services stay in the area as the district is developing.

June-July 2024

The installation of the building’s frame is complete, and the house has reached its full height. The over 30-meter-high tower crane, which has become a landmark of the construction site, will be used until the roof is finished. The focus on the construction site is shifting to interior work. Visible earthworks are also being carried out in the yard. The daycare center has moved to another location for the summer, so as part of the yard renovation for the daycare center, additional geothermal wells are being drilled for the U-building. The drilling will cause noise during working hours from week 25 until about mid-July.

Preliminary start times for the work phases:

Week 24: Roof work, masonry of bathroom partition walls
Week 25: Drilling of geothermal wells begins
July: Construction of the daycare yard, interior construction work, completion of geothermal well drilling

The construction area is fenced as a construction site. Movement in the construction site area is only permitted with an access permit. Site arrangements have been agreed upon between the developer and the daycare staff. Earthworks are being carried out in the area, which causes noise from machinery and truck traffic.

The active working hours of the construction site are 7 am to 4 pm, with an emphasis on weekdays. If necessary, the work may be continued in the evenings until 9 pm at maximum.

Keep safe on the changing routes

In some phases of the construction site, its traffic has to be directed to routes that differ from the actual construction site plan. People moving in the area are encouraged to pay attention to the changing arrangements. The youngest pedestrians may need to walk the routes with an escort at the beginning. Some of the work phases cause noise, so taking another route during the loudest work phases may be advisable for those with more sensitivity towards noise.

The renovation of the Tower blocks preserves the climate and cultural environment

The Student Union JYY has been a pioneer in the construction of the Kortepohja district since the beginning. The A-E Tower Blocks built in the 1960s and 1970s are now one of the region’s regionally recognized cultural-historical landmarks, and they are protected in the town plan as a whole.

The results of the Tower blocks’ renovation

More about Rentukkatalo community building on webpage

Korttelikylä is a new block in Mäki-Matti

Soihtu Korttelikylä is an innovative real estate revelopment project. It’s the first project that the Student Union has undertook with the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation KOAS.

According to our strategy, we aim at an sustainable undertaking. Soihtu Korttelikylä meets the standards of the highest possible energy grade A.

The Soihtu Korttelikylä construction

Kortepohja district

Soihtu manages significant real estate assets in the Kortepohja district of Jyväskylä. Our investments in Kortepohja’s student village increase the comfort and services of the whole district.

We cooperate with property owners in the area, service providers and the city of Jyväskylä. Our goal is to create holding power and attraction for the benefit of the entire city.

In the fall of 2023, the construction of the hybrid building, the U-building of Soihtu, began. Business premises and a new grocery store will also be built adjacent to the building. News of our Kortepohja project can be followed on the Soihtu website.

Kortepohja Tower blocks’ renovation

  • Building A 2017-2018
  • Building B 2018-2019
  • Building C 2019-2020
  • Building D 2020-2021
  • Building E 2021-2022, 145 apartments, 40 of which are rented furnished

Main contractor of renovations in A to D: YIT

Main contractor of the renovation in E: Rakennus Kaseva Oy

The Renovation of the Tower blocks in Kortepohja Student Village

A significant construction plan took place in the Kortepohja district 2017 – 2022. The Tower blocks were renovated one by one to meet the modern housing needs. The structures, systems and fittings in the buildings are now thoroughly modernized. Services supporting the community, such as the Rentukkatalo building re-opened in 2018, are unique in the Finnish student housing genre.

The grounds of Kortepohja’s student village were renewed

In connection with the Tower Blocks project, an extensive renovation of the yard areas was completed. The driving routes of the entrance of the student village were clarified and signs were added. The comfort of the yard area has been developed by introducing plenty of plantings and new functionalities to the area. In order to enable the safe storing of bicycles, covered bicycle sheds have been built and racks have been added that enable frame-lockable outdoor storage.

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Soihtu Korttelikylä new construction

  • Schedule: 12/2020 – 6/2022
  • Apartments: 158 (142 studios and 16 one-bedroom apartments)
  • Main contractor: Pohjola Rakennus Oy Suomi
Soihtu Korttelikylän rakennus Jyväskylän Nuuskakujalla

Soihtu Korttelikylä – a new construction in the Mäki-Mati district

The entire block has been partly planned in collaboration, and Soihtu and KOAS have implemented common spaces for the block. In addition to their own modern apartments, the residents of both operators can benefit from high-quality and versatile facilities that enable studying and student life.

The construction of Soihtu Korttelikylä makes the urban structure in the Jyväskylä cental area more diverse and compact and increases the availability of affordable rentals near the Jyväskylä educational facilities’ campuses.

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News on Soihtu's area development

Happy news for the Kortepohja district: Subway signs a lease in the new U-building of Soihtu

, , , / 19.4.2024

Soihtu has signed a lease with Subcom Oy on the retail space located on the ground floor of the U-building, which is currently under construction. Subcom is Finland’s largest Subway franchise company. A Subway restaurant will opened by Subcom in the U-building when the new building is completed in spring 2025.

The Student is The Owner 

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Havainnekuva Kartanonkujan varrelle sijoittuvasta kerrostalosta

The construction of the new apartment building starting in Kortepohja Student Village

, , , / 23.10.2023

In Kortepohja Student Village, between Kartanonkuja and building Q, the new construction of a 9-storey apartment building and a Sale grocery store will start during this week. Preparatory work for the construction area around building Q has been…