Maintenance request in Soihtu’s housing locations

Once in a while, something in an apartment breaks down or suddenly doesn’t function anymore. That is when you should fill in a maintenance request. In the housing locations of Soihtu Housing, Soihtu Facility Services handles needed repair work.

Use the electronic maintenance request form when the fault is not urgent

Soihtu Facility Services gets all the needed information on the maintenance request and will come to do the repair work as soon as possible.

In case the fault requires attention immediately (for instance a leak in the bathroom or kitchen), you should contact the facility services immediately by calling.

As a tenant you can also fill in a maintenance request regarding defects or faults in common rooms (for instance a light bulb that has burned out in a hallway or a broken laundry machine in a laundry room).

Fill in a maintenance request here.

Make sure you fill in the correct phone number in case the maintenance team needs to contact you.

Use the telephone service number of Soihtu Facility Services +358 10 524 8315

Regarding urgent matters you can reach the facility services at all times.