Mail delivery

Letters and other mail are delivered by Posti and other mail delivery companies.

It is the tenant’s responsibility to file a moving notice every time they move, therefore Soihtu is not responsible for the previous tenant’s mail.

If you don’t want the post office to distribute ads, you can attach a tidy “Ei mainoksia” (No advertisements) sticker to your mailbox. The stickers are installed for you in the building E of the Kortepohja Student Village and in Soihtu Korttelikylä. If you want advertisements, cover the sticker neatly.

In building B of Kortepohja Student Village, there is a private Smartpost parcel automat that the tenants of Soihtu can use to receive larger packages. Please note that only shipments distributed by Posti are delivered to the machine in question.

Postilaatikko, jossa lukee ei mainoksia

What to do if I receive mail that is meant for another person?

From time to time, it happens that the previous tenant has forgotten to file a moving notice and their mail may ends up in your mailbox. If you receive mail addressed to another person, follow these instructions by Posti:

  • Do not open the letter.
  • Write on top of the envelope “Does not live in this address” or “Wrong address”.
  • Bring the envelope to the closest post office or Posti’s orange mail box, which you can usually find next to markets.

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