Housing instructions

Why should you fill in an apartment card when moving in? Can I paint the walls of my apartment? Where should I advise my friend to park their car?

On the Instructions page, we have compiled information, instructions and tips for applying for and living in Soihtu’s housing location. See also our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

Tenancy agreement

Apartment offer and signing the tenancy agreement


After receiving an apartment offer, check the information of the apartment and the attached terms of tenancy carefully. You need to inform us do you accept the offer or not by the due date of the offer. Respond to the offer in the online service by...

Authorizing, authorization letter


We don’t give our customers’ information to other people than the customers themselves to protect the customer’s privacy protection. You can authorize someone to handle issues regarding your housing by delivering us an authorization...

Difficulties with rent payment

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Here you can find information about how Soihtu is processing with unpaid rents. It usually is a process during which we try to reach the tenant repeatedly providing opportunities and advice to solve the situation. Our rent secretaries and tenant...

Moving your tenancy right


In accordance with the decision of The Student Union Board (24.2.2022), the moving of the tenancy right is not in use anymore. See also: Applying for a temporary...

Pets in the apartments of Soihtu

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Pets are allowed in all other apartments in Soihtu, except furnished apartments and the building B in Soihtu Vehkakuja. In shared apartments, keeping pets must always be negotiated with the other tenants. See also Terms of...

Processing of personal data, privacy protection

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Soihtu’s housing and rental services require processing of personal data. Personal data is used for instance to manage the customer relationship. We especially take notice to the protection of a customer’s privacy and personal data, and we...



As a tenant of Soihtu your rent includes electricity, water, Soihtu’s broadband connection, use of laundry rooms, common sauna turns and use of the studying spaces and the gym in Rentukka building. NB: The rent for Soihtu Korttelikylä (address...

Reporting resident changes

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During the tenancy, the situation of the tenant might change in many ways: moving in with your partner, having a child, breaking up, child moving out and other events are a part of life. When more people move into the apartment or someone moves...

Right of Tenancy

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Apartments of Soihtu are primarily meant for students. Some of our residential properties are government-subsidized rental apartments (so-called ARA apartments), whose tenant selection follows the ARA's tenant selection guidelines (based on the...



If you want, you can sublease a part of your apartment for someone else to use. For example, if you live in a two-room apartment, you can rent the other room for someone else. The sublease agreement is done between the main tenant and the subtenant,...

Temporarily assigning an apartment to someone else


You can temporarily assign your apartment to another person for a fixed period of up to 24 months, if you are staying in another city/country due to studies, work, illness or other similar reason. Sign a written agreement with the person you are...

Tenancy agreement of an estate of a deceased person


After a tenant has passed away, the lease is the estate’s responsibility. The estate can continue the lease if it concerns an apartment that isn’t meant for students only or give notice to end the lease.  The notice must be given in...