Pricelist for damages and lost items

Tenants will be charged according to this pricelist if they have lost or broken items related to the apartment, or broken or mistreated the apartment in their control. Measures which aren’t mentioned in this pricelist are charged according to actual costs.

Soihtu has the right to review and change these prices. This pricelist is valid from the 11th of September 2020 on.


Key card20,00 € / key
Metal key, buildings M, N, O, P20,00 € / key
Metal key, buildings Q, R, S45,00 € / key
Key for car heating pole8,00 € / key
Serialisation + 2 keys, mailbox70,00 €
Serialisation + 2 keys, storage box65,00 €
Serialisation + 3 keys, apartment in building K or L245,00 €
Serialisation + keys, storage box in building S or R (shared apartment for 3)85,00 €
Serialisation + keys, storage box in building S or R (shared apartment for 4)100,00 €


Cleaning in the apartment (minimum charge 1 hour ) 31,00 € / hour
Emptying the apartment is charged according to actual costs

Lighting fixtures

Lamp shade40,00 €
Lamp socket7,00 €
Cover for a ceiling box7,00 €
Installing lighting fixtures; electrician (minimun 1 hour)60,00 € / hour


Sink (incl. installation and waste disposal)255,00 €
Toilet seat (incl. installation, maintenance and waste disposal)635,00 €
Water tank for a toilet seat (Aniara, Trevi)140,00 €
Toilet seat lid35,00 €
Mirrow30,00 €
Glass shelf of a mirror20,00 €
Glass cabinet door30,00 €
Bidet shower handle16,00 €
Shower hose11,00 €
Shower handle6,00 €
Installing a washing machine50,00 €

Kindly make the maintenance request well in advance before needed installation, so that the installation can be arranged with the plumber (at least 3-5 working days in advance).


Induction stove and installation510,00 €
Solid plate cooker and installation500,00 €
Oven tray24,00 €
Oven pan27,00 €
Fridge freezer500,00 €
Top freezer fridge300,00 €
Fridge with an ice box220,00 €
Spare parts for a fridge 35,00 € / piece
Changing/replacing grease filter33,00 €
Rubbish bin6,00 € / piece
Bio waste bin5,00 / piece
Installing a dishwasher50,00 €
Installing a dishwasher and removing the cabinet80,00 €

Note, that the cabinet has to be stored in tenant’s own storage box in all other except in buildings B and C of Kortepohja Student Village and in buildings D and E in Korttelikylä.


Bathroom door (doesn’t include installation)120,00 €
Internal door with a frame130,00 €

Furniture in furnished apartments

Bed frame 250,00 €
Foam mattress100,00 €
Mattress protector20,00 €
Armchair300,00 €
Chair70,00 €
Table top30,00 €
Drawer70,00 €
Table leg5,00 €
Room darkening curtains50,00 €
Carpet (buildings M & N)50,00 €
Carpet (building Q)70,00 €
Pillow10,00 €
Blanket20,00 €
Mirror30,00 €
Wall spotlight10,00 €
Kettle15,00 €
Glass5,00 €
Mug 5,00 €
Cutlery, kitchen ware2,00 € / piece
Serveware3,00 € / 1 dish


Radiator thermostat23,00 €
Painting a wall45,00 € / hour
Carrying off a home appliance30,00 €
Relocating furniture30,00 €
Ethernet face plate15,00 €
Fire alarm + installation30,00 €
Deodorising an apartment50,00 €
Maintenance (minimum 1 h)33,00 € / hour
Electrician (minimum 1 h)60,00 € / hour
Plumber (minimum 1 h)60,00 € / hour
Changing the fuse or switching the ground fault circuit interrupter on working days at 7-1640,00 €
Changing the fuse or switching the ground fault circuit interrupter during evenings and weekends80,00 €
Guard visit (caused by the tenants)80,00 €

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