Soihtu Housing

Soihtu Housing service point

Vehkakuja 2 B, 40700 Jyväskylä

Opening hours:
MON 12-15
WED 12-15
FRI 8-12

On the first working day of a month service point is open 10-15.

When the service point is closed and you have an urgent matter, kindly contact Facility Services by phone (24/7).

Housing phone service

+358 14 607 201

From Monday to Thursday 10-15
and on Fridays 8-12.

Phone service of rent accounting
Mon, Wed and Fri 10-12.

Rent payments:
Tenant Advisor:

Exceptional opening hours:

16.5. and 21.5. phone service is open 11-15
23.5. service point and phone service are closed

Soihtu Facility Services 24/7

+358 10 524 8315

Door openings and faults that require immediate attention. In other matters, kindly fill in a maintenance request.

Please note that there is a charge for the phone call (8,35 cent € / call + 16,69 cent €/min).

SMS number for the hearing impaired +358 50 514 3330 (24/7)

You can call for a door opening that is subject to charge by calling the on-call number any time of day. Door openings are handled by Soihtu Facility Services on working days from 7 am to 3.30 pm and on other times they are handled by a guard company. You will get the invoice for the door opening to your email afterwards, according to the valid price list.


+358 14 607 201
(within opening hours)

Taitoniekantie 9,
40740 Jyväskylä

To the page of Rentukka


Keskussairaalantie 2,
40600 Jyväskylä

To the page of Ilokivi

Soihtu’s services for associations and specialists of JYY.

Soihtu is responsible for payments traffic, billing and accounting of JYY.

Soihtu’s financial team:

Soihtu Stay

Soihtu Stay webpage


You can find our staff’s contact information below. Our email addresses are
of the form, if another email isn’t mentioned. Our customer service teams also have shared email addresses to contact them easily – see the contact information of the teams below!

Management of Soihtu business unit

Timo Lahtinen

Managing Director
+358 44 970 2160

Business of the consolidated corporation of JYY and subsidiaries. A member of the boards of the associated companies of JYY.

Kimmo Moilanen

Kimmo Moilanen

Chief Real Estate Officer
+358 40 545 5198

Soihtu’s projects of contraction and area development, managerial duties of property maintenance.

Jaakko Pelkonen

Chief Financial Officer
+358 50 421 4499

The financial and ICT processes of the Student Union JYY and Soihtu

Soihtu Housing

Sari Korhonen

Sari Korhonen

Housing Secretary
+358 14 607 201

Customer service and application processing.

Anna-Leena Kauppila

Service Advisor
+358 14 607 201

Customer service, application processing and tenant communications.

Katri Leppänen

Service Advisor, summer 2024
+358 14 607 201

Customer service and application processing.

Anni Pajari

Community Manager
+358 50 361 3637

Community coordination and communications. Tenant Advisor’s services and tenant selection.

Substitute until 31st of May 2024.

Jenna Pigg

Service Manager
+358 50 478 0616

Supervisor of Soihtu Housing team.

Substitute until 31st of May 2024.

Anna-Leena Kauppila

Service Manager

On a study leave until 31st of May 2024.

Soihtu’s financial team |

Tanja Häkkinen

Tanja Häkkinen

Financial Specialist
+358 46 922 6625

Accounting of Soihtu and JYY, accounts payable and rent secretary.

Hanna Hirvonen

+358 50 431 4541

Soihtu, JYY, HR, payroll and compensations.

Kati Lehtolahti

Kati Räsänen

Rent Accountant

+358 14 607 201 (Rents)
Phone service
Mon, Wed and Fri 10-12.

Rent accounting of Soihtu apartments, accounts payable of Soihtu subsidiary companies.

Ilokivi Venue and Restaurant Ilokivi

Smiling person looking at the camera

Laura Partamies

Venue Manager
+358 50 477 6050

Venue technique at Ilokivi, club events at Ilokivi Venue and bookings.

Kati Lemiläinen

Kati Lemiläinen

Restaurant Manager
+358 50 367 0139

The restaurant Ilokivi is part of Semma from 1.1.2024. You can reach the restaurant manager via this contact information for the time being.

Soihtu’s properties and property development

Markku Kilpi

Real Estate Manager
+358 50 432 0889

Manager of Soihtu Facility Services, customer service with issues regarding maintenance of the apartments.

Jari Pihlajasaari

Jari Pihlajasaari

Technical Supervisor
+358 50 400 6499

Soihtu’s property engineering and real estate systems.

Soihtu Facility Services

File a service request

Markku Puhakka

Markku Puhakka


Mikko Salokas


Hannu Harjusola

Hannu Harjusola


Esko Vuorela


Jonna Klinga

Cleaning supervisor

Hanna-Mari Kallio


Ulla-Mari Kotilainen


Jaana Matilainen


Maija-Liisa Myöhänen


Reetta Siira


Maaret Toivainen


Soihtu communication

Mari Lähteenmäki

Mari Lähteenmäki

Communications Manager
+358 50 3252 963

Communications and marketing

Maps of Soihtu’s housing locations

Billing information

Soihtu is the name for the business unit of the University of Jyväskylä and there are several accounting units functioning within it. Each unit has its own billing information. When you bill us for something, check that the addressee of the bill is precisely the company or the unit with which you have agreed with about the job. If you are unsure, agree on the matter with your contact person first so that we can avoid unnecessary delays with the billing process.

Jyväskylän yliopiston ylioppilaskunta
Kortepohjan ylioppilaskylä
Soihtu Asuminen
Lounasravintola Ilokivi
Ilokivi Venue
Soihtu Talouspalvelut

Y-tunnus: 0174717-3

Online invoicing

Apix Messaging Oy
Välittäjän tunnus: 003723327487

Paper invoice

Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (Apix)
PL 16112

Email scanning for PDF invoices

For the billing information of any of our other accounting units and companies (such as Asunto Oy Jyväskylän JYY-Asunnot, Soihtu-Palvelut Oy, Kiinteistö Oy Jyväskylän Ylioppilastalo) please contact us at

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