Housing instructions

Why should you fill in an apartment card when moving in? Can I paint the walls of my apartment? Where should I advise my friend to park their car?

On the Instructions page, we have compiled information, instructions and tips for applying for and living in Soihtu’s housing location. See also our FAQ page for frequently asked questions.

Changing apartments

How to apply for changing apartments


You can apply for changing apartments by filling in an apartment application. Applying for and offering an apartment proceeds in the same way as with all other applicants. When changing apartments inside the Student Village, you don't need to...

Living in a new house

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A great number of Soihtu’s residential buildings are newly renovated or recently built houses. Living in a new house is different than living in an old house. Follow-up work is minimized, tenants will be informed in advance Soihtu strives to...

Moving from one Soihtu apartment to another

After accepting the apartment offer, you have to fill in the form for changing apartments to terminate your current rent agreement. Your rent agreement will end on the day before your new rent agreement begins. That means you don't have to consider...

Reporting resident changes

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During the tenancy, the situation of the tenant might change in many ways: moving in with your partner, having a child, breaking up, child moving out and other events are a part of life. When more people move into the apartment or someone moves...

The service fee

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The service fee will also be charged for contract changes requested by the tenant according to the price list. You can see the service fee on your rent invoice. The service fee covers part of the costs that form when making changes to the...