If you want, you can sublease a part of your apartment for someone else to use. For example, if you live in a two-room apartment, you can rent the other room for someone else. The sublease agreement is done between the main tenant and the subtenant, and the landlord (JYY, Soihtu) is not involved.

Thus, subletting an apartment means that the main tenant and the subtenant live in the same apartment. The sublease may be for a fixed term or indefinitely.

If you are subleasing your apartment, please notify our customer service in writing. Fill in the form of subletting your apartment and make a written lease agreement with your subtenant. Submit both the sublease form and a copy of the sublease to our customer service before the subtenancy begins (no later than 7 days prior the start date). Without this information, we will not be able to for instance open the apartment’s door for them if they forget or lose their key.

Please note:

Please note that if you rent your entire apartment, not just a part of it, to another person, legally it means temporarily assigning the apartment to someone else, not subleasing.

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