Temporarily assigning an apartment to someone else

You can temporarily assign your apartment to another person for a fixed period of up to 24 months, if you are staying in another city/country due to studies, work, illness or other similar reason. Sign a written agreement with the person you are assigning your apartment to. The agreement is between the two of you, and the landlord (JYY, Soihtu) is not involved. The agreement must always be for a fixed period.

Temporarily assigning an apartment to another person means that you are temporarily moving to another city/country, and another person will occupy your apartment.

Our customer service must be notified about assigning the apartment to someone else in a written format. Fill in the form of assigning the apartment to someone else and sign a written agreement with your tenant. Submit both the form and a copy of the agreement to our customer service before the tenancy begins (no later than one calendar month prior the start date). Without this information, we will not be able to for instance open the door for them if they forget or lose their key.

Please note:

Please note that if you lease a PART of your apartment to someone else, while you still live in the same apartment yourself, legally you are subleasing the apartment, not temporarily assigning the complete apartment to someone else’s use.

Choose the temporary tenant carefully

You are responsible for rent payments, other payments and the condition of the apartment to JYY (Soihtu) also when you have temporarily rented out your apartment to someone else.

There are always risks involved in temporarily renting out an apartment to someone else.

The risks include among other things:


  • JYY (Soihtu) recommends collecting the rent payments to your own bank account first and then paying to us. That way you can easily follow that the payments are made.


  • JYY (Soihtu) gives a notice/warning of recurring disturbance. You should always take these seriously.


  • A tenant can intentionally or out of carelessness cause bad damages to the surfaces and furniture (or structures in a worst-case scenario) of the apartment. Possible repair costs can be considerable.

Additional worries can be avoided by choosing one’s tenant carefully. For instance, a recommendation can be asked from a previous landlord of a prospective tenant because a reliable tenant surely can easily get a recommendation.

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