Apartment offer and signing the tenancy agreement

After receiving an apartment offer, check the information of the apartment and the attached terms of tenancy carefully. You need to inform us do you accept the offer or not by the due date of the offer.

Respond to the offer in Soihtu’s online service by the due date. You can accept or reject the offer in the service in our online service. NOTE! If we have offered a room of shared apartment for you, you can accept the offer online (link in your offer), but if you want to reject the offer, please contact our customer service.

If you do not accept the offer, remember that it might be possible that we cannot offer other room/apartment for you starting from the day you have applied (specially in autumns).

If you accept the offer in our online service, there is two options:

Please note that your apartment application expires automatically after the due date of the offer in case you don’t respond anything to the offer. If you want to reject the offer but keep your apartment application valid, please contact our customer service.

If you want to cancel accepting the apartment after signing the rent agreement, please notice that you must terminate it within notice period. If you want to cancel accepting the apartment after paying the first month’s rent, please notice that the rent won’t be returned if there is under one calendar month to the beginning date of your rent agreement.

Obligation to pay rent starts from the date the tenancy agreement begins.

Security deposit

JYY will mainly not collect security deposits from new Soihtu tenants for rent agreements. As a general rule, the security deposit will not be charged from new tenants (from summer 2022 onwards). However, in certain cases, the security deposit may still be charged, for example, if the applicant has a poor credit history or due to another similar reason. In this case, the security deposit corresponds to one month’s rent.

The offer includes instructions for paying the deposit. By paying the deposit you commit yourself to accepting the offered apartment from the date mentioned on the offer. The tenancy agreement can be signed after the deposit has been paid. The agreement can be signed electronically using Finnish online banking credentials (you will receive an email with a link for this). If you don’t have online banking credentials, the tenancy agreement has to be signed at service point of Soihtu Housing, the latest when picking up the keys.

If you want to cancel a lease before it has begun but after paying the deposit and if you have not signed your tenancy agreement, 100€ of arrangement and administrative costs will be deducted before we return the deposit. Cancellation can only be done before the tenancy agreement has begun. If you want to cancel accepting the apartment after signing the tenancy agreement, the notice period for an open-ended rent agreement is one calendar month. A fixed-term rent agreement cannot be terminated.

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