Soihtu Stay – Low budget accommodation in Jyväskylä

Low budget accommodation in Jyväskylä. Stay in a furnished private or shared apartment by yourself or with a larger group. Our apartments are ideal for students, travellers and project workers since you can fit the length of your stay flexible..

We offer apartments with character for temporary needs and travelling in the idyllic student village Kortepohja. During your stay you get access to the village service: sauna, laundry and gym free of charge!

Low budget accommodation with character

Practical private and shared apartments

Diverse service free of charge

Low budget accommodation in Jyväskylä

Are you looking for accommodation for weekend, couple of weeks or a night? You can find both furnished private and shared apartments from us. The apartments are in four buildings in Kortepohja.

Soihtu Stay majoitus Kortepohja Jyväskylä Q


In Q-building, there is an own room from three bedrooms shared apartment with a common kitchen and bathroom. 30e / day. Size: 14m2/68m2.

Soihtu Stay majoitus Jyväskylä Kortepohja RS


Apartment with 3-4 bedrooms, bathroom, separate wc and balcony. 90e-120e / vrk. Size: 18-24m2/66-80m2.

Soihtu Stay Jyväskylä majoitus Kortepohja RS


Apartment with 3-4 bedrooms, bathroom, separate wc and balcony. 90e-120e / vrk. 18-24m2/66-80m2.


Apartment with two bedrooms, kitchen and bathroom. 40e / vrk / 2 people. Size: 37,5m2.

Temporary accommodation

Are you looking for temporary accommodation for a longer period of time? Send an email to us and let’s fix low budget accommodation according to your needs!


Our apartments are furnished and they include:

  • Bed (80cm) in each bedroom
  • Working table and chair
  • Armchair
  • Mirror
  • Reading light
  • Wardrobe
  • Blackout curtains
  • Bedlines and towels
  • WiFi

Shared kitchen / own kitchen

  • Fridge
  • Stove
  • Oven
  • Microwave
  • Water boiler
  • Set
  • Set of cutlery
  • Dining group (only Q-, R- and S-buildings)

In addition, shower and wc which are common in shared apartments.

There is basic cleaning equipment in every apartment. Cleaning of common rooms once a week, cleaning of the whole apartment and changing of bedlinens and towels every two weeks are included in the price.


In addition, you can park your car free of charge in the Kortepohja parking space if there is places available. You can get the parking permission when picking up the keys.

Soihtu Stay kuntosali


Soihtu Stay sauna


Soihtu Stay JYY pesula Kortepohja - Kuva Anssi Kumpula

Laundry Bubble

Additional services with a fee

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