Living with a flatmate

Living in a shared apartment gives you a lot, because you save money and make new acquaintances – maybe even lifelong friends – at the same time. In a shared apartment, you have your own room with a lock but you share common spaces, like kitchen and the toilet, with your flatmates. Soihtu has also shared studio apartments where you share only the hallway with someone else. You can see all our shared apartments easily at Browse apartments page (link opens in a new tab).

When living together with a flatmate, it is important to agree on common rules of the apartment so that living together is comfortable for everyone. In shared apartments, all tenants take care of the cleanliness together. Therefore, it is good to agree on some common rules with your flatmates right away. To make cleaning easier, print out a cleaning list on the wall of the apartment together with a cleaning calendar, where you and your flatmates can mark the cleaning shifts you agree on.

At its best, living in a shared apartment can be a memorable time – you can share the joys and possible worries of student life together with your flatmates. In Kortepohja Student Village you have a great opportunity to get to know new cultures, as we have tenants from all over the world. Be open-minded when you meet your flatmate, and you will enjoy the time living together!

Agree on the rules together

Common rules should be agreed upon right from the start. At least you should go through these things with your roommate:

  • You can list the cleaning shifts of common spaces in the cleaning calendar.
  • Agree on whether guests can be brought into the apartment and when.
  • Go through which items in the apartment are shared – sharing is caring!
  • Are some of the consumables shared (e.g. toilet paper and dish washing soap) and who buys them.
  • Respect your flatmate’s schedules and observe the general silence hours.
  • It’s good to talk about things directly with an open mind, even those things that upset you.

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