Tenant’s Cleaning Instructions

Soihtu Facility Services takes care of the cleanliness of the common rooms and spaces. As a tenant, you should take care of the cleanliness and general upkeep of your apartment. Regular cleaning is a tenant’s basic responsibility – clean home makes living more comfortable and increases the useful life of the apartment. 

In shared apartments, all tenants take care of the cleanliness together. So, it is good to agree on some common rules with your roommates right away. 

To make cleaning a lot easier, print Cleaning list and Cleaning calendar for shared apartments. With the calendar it is easy to make cleaning plans with your flat mates.

Cleaning the kitchen 

Cleaning and defrosting the fridge and freezer 

Instructions for defrosting

Cleaning the kitchen sink and worktop 

Cleaning the oven and stove 

Cleaning the cooker hood and grease filter

If the interval between cleanings of the grease filter is too long, grease may drip onto the stove. Accumulated grease on the filter obstructs airflow in the duct and poses a fire hazard. Therefore, the grease filter should be cleaned or replaced from time to time.

Cleaning the bathroom 

Due to the combination of human fat, soap and water some fusarium mould (pink coloured) can appear on the bathroom walls. It is harmless for people and easy to clean. The fusarium mould looks quite unpleasant and sticks on the seams so it is worth it to clean it once in a while (recommendation two times a year) by scouring the wall with a cleaned meant for bathrooms and a tile cleaning brush. The same should be done for the bathroom floor. 

Cleaning the bathroom floor drain 

The floor drain is quickly filled with hair and other dirt so sometimes it is necessary to clean it. Remove the lid of the floor drain and remove loose dirt. Clean the drain as deep as you can for example using an old dish brush or remove possible blockages. Remember to use rubber gloves! 

In case the floor drain doesn’t flush well despite the cleaning, contact Soihtu Facility Services by filling in a maintenance request. 

Cleaning the windows 

To get started with cleaning your windows, you need a window key – it isn’t expensive to get one for yourself or you can borrow one at the Info desk in Rentukka during its opening hours. 

An all-purpose cleaner, window cleaner or dishwashing liquid are suited for cleaning windows. Remember to use a window squeegee for drying the windows. Last drops are easy to dry with a microfiber towel that can be found in most grocery stores. 

Cleaning detergents 

The purpose of use for a cleaner depends on its pH-value. Neutral cleaners (pH 7) suit for daily and weekly cleaning. Dishwashing liquid is best for cleaning greasy dirt. A neutral or mildly alkaline cleaner suits for general cleaning. Dishwashing liquid is handy for cleaning for example windows, oven, stove, fridge and stove. It is good the dilute cleaners with water. 

Leave the alkaline (pH 10 or over) and acidic (pH 4 or under) for cleaning professionals. Like this you can avoid unpleasant surprises on how different surfaces react for different pH-values. Tough stains should be soaked with an all-purpose cleaner for a while so that you can remove the stains effortlessly. Magic sponges can be used for steel and tile surfaces, but they are not suited for painted surfaces. 

Are you moving out? 

When doing the move-out cleaning, check our specific instructions for move-out cleaning. 

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