Terms and conditions for sauna and leisure room reservations

These conditions apply to following spaces: Opinkivi Sauna and meeting space, Bastu Sauna, Bertta meeting space and Lillukka.
The common rooms included in the Soihtu Housing services have their own set of rules and regulations.

Application of these terms and conditions: The General Booking Conditions for the reservable Sauna and Leisure Facilities of JYY operated by Soihtu have been revised in May 2024. These terms are in use from 21.5.2024 onwards. Specific instructions for the users of Opinkivi sauna are published on Opinkivi Sauna webpage via this link.

The General Booking Conditions for the reservable Sauna and Leisure Facilities of JYY operated by Soihtu

Booking and payment 

Cancellation and change policy 

JYY’s right to cancel a reservation 

While using the space

Keys and key codes 

If the reserved space requires a separate key, the key will be handed over according to the agreement. The key must be returned immediately after the agreed rental period. Compensation according to the price list will be charged for a lost / non-returned key. Upon the key pick-up, the person receiving the key must present their ID. 

Responsibility of the reservation customer

  Use of machinery and equipment 


  Outdoor hot tub 

JYY’s general booking conditions have been revised in June 2022. These terms and conditions are valid from 1.8.2022 onwards. 

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