Common rooms

In our housing locations you can find different spaces for studying and meeting purposes as well as for free time activities. Most of the common rooms in Rentukka are included in the tenants’ rent and a part can be used around the clock.

In Rentukka, in addition to the free spaces, there are meeting room Bertta, rental Sauna Bastu and party venue Lillukka that you can reserve with an extra fee in a separate reservation system.

Moreover, the band room in Rentukka is subject to change and can be reserved for a half year at a time via the info desk in Rentukka.

Tenants of Soihtu can book common rooms, laundry and sauna turns in the tenant’s online reservation system.

The common rooms in Rentukka are included to the rent of every tenant of Soihtu. In addition, all housing locations have their own common rooms, which are only in use of the tenants of that housing location.

Common rooms in Rentukka:

Bubble in Rentukka

Learning spaces in Rentukka

Workshop in Rentukka

Other common rooms in Kortepohja Student Village:

Billiard room

Barbecue hut

Piano room

Common rooms in Korttelikylä:

Korttelikylän opiskelutila

Study room

Korttelikylän olotila

Living room

Korttelikylän sauna

Common sauna

Common rooms in Soihtu Vehkakuja:

Barbecue hut

Club room

In need of a bigger space for a meeting or a party?

A bigger party coming up ant not enough square metres? Or are you interested in music but don’t have any space to play in so that neighbours wouldn’t be disturbed?

In Rentukka, for parties and meetings there are meeting room Bertta, rental sauna Bastu and party venue Lillukka that can be reserved.

The band room in Rentukka and the Piano room in Kortepohja Student Village can also be reserved by tenants.

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