Fur beetle and clothes moth

Textile pests, fur beetles and clothes moth are usual guests especially if you shop in flea markets. Larvae of attagenus woodroffei beetle live in dark holes like corners of cabinet and behind furniture and they eat textile dust and insects. The larvae cause holes in wool clothes and textiles and ruin furs. Grown-up beetles don’t eat anything but just swarm in apartments.

Do this to keep fur beetles and other textile pests out:

Indian meal moth and grain beetle

Indian meal moths and grain beetles, which live in kitchen cabinets, usually find their way to homes with normal groceries, usually from grocery stores. They ruin the contents of a cabinet in a few weeks with their excrements and continue living as long as there is food. Indian meal moths have wings and so they can also spread to other spaces in the apartment, and the small grain beetle can fit into smaller cracks so getting totally rid of it with merely home remedies is often challenging.

Do this to keep grain beetles and other stored product pests out:

Cockroach and bed bug

The most unpleasant but still the most uncommon pests in homes are cockroaches and bed bugs. It was thought that these ancient pests had already vanished from Finnish homes until travelling and populations resistant to insecticides brought these back. Cockroach and bed bug are long-stranding tough-lived and because of that if a tenants suspects that there might be cockroaches or bed bugs in the apartment, s/he should inform the facility services right away so that pest control can be started.

Cockroach ruin groceries with its excrement and spreads different diseases, e.g. salmonella. As for bed bugs, they are often found in furniture that have been used when bought, for example in a bed or a sofa. In night-time it comes out to suck blood unsuspecting sleeper. A rash can appear on the area of the bite, but everyone doesn’t get skin symptoms.

When you suspect cockroaches or bed bugs:

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