Paying rent

Every tenant is personally responsible for their rent payments. The rent must be paid by the 6th day of each month. In order for your payments to be entered right, make sure you are using the correct reference number when making the payments. You can pay the rent via online banking or in payment service TransferMate.

Rent invoices are sent via email when a rent agreement begins, before rent increase and once a year (in December). All rents mentioned on the invoice are paid with the same invoice. In other words, you won’t receive a separate rent invoice for each month.

You can check your payments at your Tenant’s page anytime. There you can also print your rent invoice if necessary.

If you want to, you can also pay several rents at once. If someone else pays your rent, please make sure that s/he uses your reference number when making the payment.

Rent payment methods


Make a payment, for example, at your online bank or by visiting your bank’s branch. You will find your monthly rent, your personal reference number and JYY’s account number on your rental invoice. If you are unable to use the reference number for a bank transfer, write the letter and number of your apartment and, possibly, on whose behalf you are making the payment in the message field. This is our most used payment method.


The TransferMate payment service is intended for tenants who come from outside the EU and EEA countries, and for whom the use of the service is free. However, your bank may charge you for using the service, so please verify this with your bank. Other tenants can also use the service, but for them, TransferMate charges a service fee. When using TransferMate, you can’t add a reference number to the payment, but that doesn’t matter, because the payment is targeted based on the tenant’s name. The service can also be used to pay rents on behalf of someone else. Please note that TransferMate cannot be used to pay bills already transferred to the collection company and that the transfer takes about a week to be entered into your rents.


We do not accept card payments. If you want to pay with card, you can do so at Voionmaankatu street R-kioski. Notice that paying requires a Finnish personal identity number.

Are none of these payment methods suitable for you?

If you are unable to pay your rent using any of the above methods, could you ask your friend or family to pay the rent on your behalf, using the above methods of payment? The payer should remember to use your personal reference number.

Problems in paying rent?

If the problems you are facing are due to the banking services you use, please contact your bank first to solve the issue. Also contact the rent control if there is a possibility of your rent being delayed. If you use automatic bank payments, remember to renew your payment every year so that your rent payment is not interrupted when the automatic payment ends.

If you have problems with TransferMate or other payment services, please contact the service provider.

If you accidentally paid your rent in double, no worries. Contact Soihtu Rents. We recommend that the extra rent can be transferred to be used for your next month’s rent. Otherwise, please provide your account number for a refund.

If your rent payment issues are financial, we can try to alleviate your situation temporarily, for example by postponing the payment date with a payment agreement. If you don’t know where you could get support, what benefits you might be entitled to, or where you could get financial help from, please contact the tenant advisor as soon as possible so that your invoices don’t accumulate, and you’ll have time to solve your payment issues before your rental contract has to be terminated.

If your invoices accumulate, we will contact you to clarify the payment situation. Please reply to our message so that we’ll have time to help you before having to terminate the rental contract or applying for an eviction based on the rental receivables. Even if your rental contract is terminated, it is still possible to save the situation and make a new fixed-term contract if you pay your rent by the deadline. Please note that if we have to proceed with the eviction, it is no longer possible to extend the contract. To prevent the loss of your credit information, pay off your debts as soon as possible.

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