Sharing economy

It isn’t necessary to own everything – a part of commodities that facilitate everyday life can be shared with neighbours. Sharing economy brings joy into the residential community and nature thanks too! When living in Soihtu’s apartment you can use loan equipment of Rentukka, joint use car, loan boat or the tenants’ common gardening boxes and patches. 

Spaces in Rentukka offer both Soihtu’s tenants and visitors an opportunity for vital communal life – and a big part of them can be used free of charge. You can study without interruptions in the studying spaces, a movie night with friends can be organised in the club room – just reserve the room in the online reservation system and pick up the keys from the info desk. 

To streamline everyday life, a workshop and Bubble, the laundry room with a common room. In the workshop you can do even bigger DIY projects and in Bubble it is easy the get acquainted with your neighbours – you can spend time in Bubble reading a book, studying or playing board games with your neighbours. In addition to the free spaces, there are other spaces for meetings and parties that are subject to charge in Rentukka. 

Loan items

The loan items of Rentukka include many necessary things from a power drill to an outdoor griddle pan and a sewing machine. Some you can borrow for free and some with a little fee. 

Enquiries and pickups about the loan equipment from the info desk in Rentukka. 

Urban farming 

Soihtu’s tenants can in summertime reserve a small cultivation box in the Student Village or in Soihtu Vehkakuja or gardening patch in Kortesuo for free.  

Soihtu informs about the gardening boxes and patches annually during the spring on Soihtu’s website and in the tenants’ newsletters.

Further information: 

Moving van

Moving to the Student Village or out of the Student Village? In Kortepohja Student Village, you can find a rental Kortepohja van. 

You can find the van on the parking deck of building T and you can reserve it in the reservation system of the separate service provider. 

Rowing boat

Kellukka, the rental rowing boat of the Student Village is for rent during summertime for 5€/day (members of the student union). The boat is located by Tuomiojärvi, in Viitaniemi. You can rent the boat easily via online booking system.

From the end of September to the beginning of May Kellukka is on winter break. 

Common rooms

In Rentukka, located in Kortepohja Student Village, you can find, in addition to the beautiful restaurant, a gym several studying and pastime activity spaces and spaces for parties. 

Facilities in Rentukka offer both Soihtu’s tenants and visitors opportunities for communal life. 

Joint use car

Heimo’s joint use car is a vehicle that is for common use for the tenants of the area. The vehicle can be reserved by anyone and pays for the car only based on the use. The car located in Kortepohja Student Village is a hybrid that offer the tenants of the area an easy and affordable way to move and at the same time decrease the carbon footprint caused by traffic. 

You can find the car on the lower parking deck of building T. 

Note! The joint car will be out of use September 2021 onwards.

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