Tenants Activity

In Soihtu’s housing locations, tenants can influence housing and the development of the community in many ways. You can participate in tenants activity in the official Tenants’ meetings, Tenants’ committee or in the more informal Village Meetings and Village Team.

Tenants activity is a privilege for all tenants and important for the well-being of the community. Through tenants activity, tenants have a possibility to influence things that are important for them – supervise the tenants’ interests, develop the housing location to look like the way they want them to look like and organize communal activities for the tenants. 

Tenants’ committees are chosen in annual tenant’s meetings and all tenants who have turned 18 years are welcome to join (1 person per apartment). Tenants’ activity in rental buildings has also been defined in the law in which for example the tasks of a tenants’ committee are listed. 


The Village Meetings for the residents of Kortepohja Student Village are great opportunities to discuss current housing issues and upcoming events, as well as to get to know the neighbors.

Next Village Meeting:

Time: 20th of October 2021, 4.30 PM

Place: Lillukka (below Rentukka’s Gym)

Upcoming meetings: November 17th and December 15th

Join the Village Team!

Register as a volunteer or discuss about the topic in Kortepohja’s own Discord!

We will create a joint discussion group of volunteer tenants to plan events and other fun for the tenants of the Student Village.

No commitments, no unwanted tasks – the activity is completely voluntary and requires only genuine interest in your own housing community.⁠

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The most important tasks of the tenants’ committee: 

Kuva: Anssi Kumpula 2019

How can I join the tenants’ committee? 

  • Participate in the annual tenants’ meeting that is called together by the tenants’ committee of your own housing location. 
  • You can join in the middle of a year by contacting the tenants’ committee of your housing location. 
  • In case there isn’t an active tenants’ committee in your housing location, you can establish one by calling together a tenants’ meeting. Ask further information from Soihtu’s Community manager. 

Active tenants’ committees in Soihtu’s housing locations 

Tenants’ committee of Kortepohja Student Village 

In Kortepohja Student Village, the active tenants’ committee has long traditions. The members are chosen in the annual tenants’ meeting, but you can also join anytime mid-year. In Kortepohja, the tenants’ committee is above all influencing the things that are important for the tenants and creating communality spirit. 

You can change the world of almost 1900 tenants by making Kortepohja Student Village a more pleasant place to live! 

Note! There is no active tenants’ committee in the Student Village at the moment. The next official Tenants’ meeting will be held in November 2021. You will receive an invitation via mail.

Tenants’ committee of Soihtu Vehkakuja

Tenants’ committee of Soihtu Vehkakuja has started in the beginning of 2021. There are in total five (5) members, which are tenants of Vehkakuja 2.

Would you be interested to join the tenants’ committee or ask something from the committee?

Contact: asukastoimikunta.vehkakuja@soihtu.fi

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