Positive prospects for Soihtu’s new construction project in the Kortepohja Student Village

, , , / 31.8.2023

Soihtu aims for a new building in Kortepohja Student Village to serve e.g. students’ families. The new building will be placed along the Kartanonkuja street, between buildings Q and E. Provided that the new site of Soihtu receives a building permit from the city of Jyväskylä and a start permit from Ara, construction can begin in late autumn 2023.

Meal prices for students in higher education at Ilokivi from January 9, 2023

, / 30.12.2022

The price of lunch paid by higher education students eating at restaurant Ilokivi will decrease, as the parliament has approved an increase in the amount of meal subsidy for students in higher education for the year 2023 on 16 December 2022. The amount of the meal subsidy will increase from 1 January 2023 and is 2.55 euros / meal.

Soihtu’s next new construction is a “hybrid building” combining housing and commercial services

, , , , / 14.11.2022

Soihtu aims for a new, 9-story residential building to complement the building stock of the southern area of the Kortepohja Student Village. The new building is in the plans for the southern area of the Kortepohja Student Village, next to Kartanonkuja. No existing buildings need to be demolished because of this new construction, and the operation of the childcare facility in building Q will be secured during the implementation of the new project.