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In the Village, everything important is close by

, , , / 5.5.2023

Text: Anni Pajari | Pictures: Tiina Salminen, Visual Friday Tom Sundberg from Pieksämäki moved to Jyväskylä a few years ago to study information systems sciences. The Student Village was not a place he was familiar with, but it was enough...

Ilokivi Venue brings people together

, / 2.5.2023

Text: Anni Pajari | Pictures: Tiina Salminen, Visual Friday Ilokivi Venue is especially known as a club and concert venue, but it also functions as a living room for students during the day and a meeting place for various communities in the...

Event producer builds community

, / 28.4.2023

Text: Mari Lähteenmäki | Pictures: Tiina Salminen, Visual Friday JYY's event producer Suvi Liukkonen describes her workday as "quite calm", even though she has already changed workstation twice. The only thing that makes a working day...

Kortepohja is planned for people

, , , , / 21.4.2023

Text: Mari Lähteenmäki | Pictures: Tiina Salminen, Visual Friday Kortepohja neighborhood is unique in that the ideals of 1960s and 1970s suburban construction are realized in different ways in different areas.   The Auvilankuja...

Sonja invests in board work

/ 9.11.2022

Original text: Anni Pajari | Pictures: Tiina Salminen Sonja Jokinen is an economics student and a member of The Student Union Board of Executives. On the board, the focus of her responsibilities is on the corporation and the Student...

Escape from the city’s noise

, / 4.11.2022

Original text: Anni Pajari | Pictures: Tiina Salminen When Mari Lähteenmäki, who works as a Communications Manager at Soihtu, moved to Jyväskylä to study, she wanted to find a safe haven in the nearby forest of her new hometown. Laajavuori...

Open for new makers

, , / 2.11.2022

Text: Mari Lähteenmäki | Pictures: Tiina Salminen Hacklab Jyväskylä has a community workspace on the street level of the O building in the Kortepohja Student Village. Such workspaces are internationally described as makerspaces or...

Home is a safe harbor

, , , , / 5.5.2022

Amanda believes that the best thing about Kortepohja is its location, which is reasonably close to the center but also close to nature. She also appreciates the fact that the rent includes, for example, electricity and an access to gym.

Dancing brings happiness

, , , / 2.5.2022

Kortepohja Dance club meets twice a week. On Sundays with the basics of salsa, bachata, bollywood, ballet and belly dance, and on Tuesdays a bit more casual training with easy choreographies, danced to pop music.

Venue Manager is busy on many fronts

, , / 28.4.2022

Ilokivi’s venue manager Laura Partamies often starts her workday by opening Venue's living room for customers at midday. She prepares the bar counter and puts on the background music for customers who come to study, have coffee or just hang out.

Man standing on lake ice

From a swimming spot to a sledding hill

, , / 25.4.2022

Soihtu’s real estate manager Markku Kilpi names Haapaniemi beach his favorite place in Jyväskylä.

In Soihtu Korttelikylä, the overall sustainability is key

, , , / 22.4.2022

Soihtu Korttelikylä, literally “Block Village”, is Soihtu’s new housing location in Mäki-Matti District. "The completed local service infrastructure and environment are rewarding for the resident and the developer