The story of Soihtu

Are you there, Student? It’s Soihtu speaking

, / 24.2.2022

Communicating change requires time and sometimes, also dealing with strong emotion. Mari Lähteenmäki, the communications manager at Soihtu, has an important message to share.

Viewpoint on Housing: Tenant Activity in Transition

, , , , / 4.5.2021

In the early days of Kortepohja Student Village it was assumed, as was typical to the 60’s and 70’s, that everyone wanted to participate in developing their living environment.

One election that took place long ago

, , , , / 23.4.2021

Tenants' involvement in decision-making has long roots in the Student Union housing traditions. In 2006, e.g. Rentukka and donuts were related to tenant democracy. But who won the election?

Yön etkot live music event streaming in Kortepohja

, , , / 21.4.2021

Yön etkot pre-club will be organized in Kortepohja Student Village on Thursday 6.5.2021 from 16-18. Remote event includes live performances from Joose Keskitalo, DDR Rap Session and Una Harnett.

The Student Union vintage car Susanna revealed in the showroom in Kortepohja Student Village

, , / 4.12.2020

The vintage car Susanna of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä has been revealed in the Kortepohja Student Village. The showroom is located in the newly renovated building C of Kortepohja Student Village, at the corner of the Rentukka square. The car is visible to all passers-by around the clock. The Vintage Car Susanna is a Packard convertible bought by the Student Union in 1960.