Ilokivi lunch restaurant joins Semma Oy

, / 8.12.2023

The Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä JYY sells its Ilokivi lunch restaurant business to Semma Oy by decision of the Council of Representatives of the Student Union JYY. The operations of the Ilokivi lunch restaurant will be transferred in their entirety to Semma Oy on 1.1.2024. The transaction does not apply to Ilokivi Venue's event business.

Change in the price of Opinkivi Sauna starting from 1.6.2023

, / 17.4.2023

The reservation prices for JYY's Opinkivi Sauna will increase starting from 1.6.2023. The reason for the increase is that the use and maintenance of the sauna has become more expensive, as the prices of energy and all service providers have gone up.

Meal prices for students in higher education at Ilokivi from January 9, 2023

, / 30.12.2022

The price of lunch paid by higher education students eating at restaurant Ilokivi will decrease, as the parliament has approved an increase in the amount of meal subsidy for students in higher education for the year 2023 on 16 December 2022. The amount of the meal subsidy will increase from 1 January 2023 and is 2.55 euros / meal.

The sauna heating time is shortened Opinkivi – the evening can start as usual at 4 pm, saunas from 6-11 pm

, / 13.12.2022

From Thursday 15 December 2022, Opinkivi Sauna will be warm from 18:00 to 23:00. Opinkivi reservation duration for users is still the same familiar 16-03.

Soihtu’s restaurant Ilokivi participates in the Wasteless Food Services in Finland project

, , / 31.10.2022

The goal of the Wasteless Food Services in Finland (WFSF) project is to find solutions and good practices to reduce the amount of food waste in private and public food services in Finland. 19 different types of food service operators from different parts of Finland are involved in the project. Restaurant Ilokivi, part of Soihtu Business Unit of JYY, is one of the restaurants selected for the project.

Venue Manager is busy on many fronts

, , / 28.4.2022

Ilokivi’s venue manager Laura Partamies often starts her workday by opening Venue's living room for customers at midday. She prepares the bar counter and puts on the background music for customers who come to study, have coffee or just hang out.

Soihtu’s new Venue Manager is a multi-talent in events

, , / 1.2.2022

Ilokivi Venue's new Venue Manager Laura Partamies is a familiar face to many JYY members and employees. Formerly known as the event producer for JYY, moving to the Soihtu side of the organization has meant a change of perspective for the fast-paced worker.

Jingle bells, jingle bells and the Christmas party season is approaching again!

, , / 5.11.2021

Five tips for an organizer of a Christmas party Text: Laura Salo Are you organizing a Christmas party (or “pikkujoulu”) in a restaurant for your group of friends, friends from hobbies or school, your work community or some other...