Soihtu’s next new construction is a “hybrid building” combining housing and commercial services

Illustration: Sweco Architects Oy

Soihtu aims for a new, 9-story residential building to complement the building stock of the southern area of the Kortepohja Student Village. The new building is in the plans for the southern area of the Kortepohja Student Village, next to Kartanonkuja. No existing buildings need to be demolished because of this new construction, and the operation of the childcare facility in building Q will be secured during the implementation of the new project.

A natural continuation of the Kortepohja area development project

Soihtu’s wishes have been to develop the southern area of Kortepohja with new construction ever since the publication of the development plan for the center of Kortepohja (2018). The planned new construction would complement the so-called service boulevard emerging on Kartanonkuja. The eastern part of the boulevard has already been formed with the Kortetalo project by the City of Jyväskylä.
The city of Jyväskylä is also developing Kortepohja’s center alongside the Soihtu project. As a part of the new construction of the Student Village, a park-like central square will be created at the intersection of Kartanonkuja and Emännäntie. This way, the atmosphere and safety of Kartanonkuja will be further improved.

“Soihtu is happy to partner with the city in the development of the Kortepohja district, and we recognize the importance of the Student Union as one of the area’s major real estate owners,” says Kimmo Moilanen, Soihtu’s chief real estate officer.

The realization of Soihtu’s new construction requires that the Jyväskylä city’s site plan in the area progresses and gains legal force. As far as the current information is concerned, it seems possible that the first phase of the district’s site plan proposal would proceed in the Jyväskylä officials’ process during December 2022. If the change of the plan and building permit are approved during spring 2023, construction work along Kartanonkuja could begin in summer 2023.

Energy-efficient housing close to Rentukka’s services

Soihtu’s new construction would be built in the highest possible energy class (A). This is the case with all Soihtu’s new projects. The building would be heated by geothermal energy and the heat would be distributed by water circulation floor heating. Condensation heat from the shop’s refrigeration equipment is redistributed in the heating system. In addition, there are plans for a small solar panel field on the roof.
The residents of the new building would have access to their own laundry room and a bicycle storage room inside the house. Community facilities in Rentukka are near. The yard area of the kindergarten located in the building Q will be renewed and slightly reduced in size in the project. This way the logistics of the business premises can be organized safely.

Securing services, ensuring the availability of apartments

In the new construction project, government-financed (Ara) student apartments and business premises would be built under the same roof. The new business premises in the building enable attractive services in Kortepohja for all citizens. The largest retail space in the building will be used for a grocery store. Soihtu and Keskimaa have signed a preliminary agreement on renting the space as a Sale store.

A total of 70 apartments are planned on the 2nd – 9th floors of the 9-story building. The apartment types’ selection is wide. One-room apartments are 25 m2 in size, two-room apartments are 33.5 – 50.5 m2 and three-room apartments are 50.5 m2.

“Right now, the builders of owner-occupied apartments are cautious in their investment projects, because the rise in interest rates quickly affects the profitability of the industry. Soihtu’s situation as a provider of rental apartments is more stable, thanks to the interest subsidy received by Ara properties, among other things,” says real estate manager Kimmo Moilanen.

Soihtu’s long-term goal is to maintain the positive development in the Kortepohja area. The investments made by the city of Jyväskylä in the area create faith in the district’s attractiveness and potential.

Soihtu’s new site in Kortepohja would be located at the intersection of Kartanonkuja and Emännäntie

Business premises and student apartments would be located in the hybrid building.

If the site plan change and building permit are approved by the city of Jyväskylä during the spring of 2023, construction work could begin in the summer of 2023.

The illustration shows the location of the new construction that Soihtu is aiming for in relation to the existing buildings of Kortepohja Student Village. E-building stands in the background on the left, building Q in the foreground on the right, other tower blocks can be seen in the background. Illustration: Sweco Architects Oy.

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