What options do you have if you leave to another place for a summer job for a student exchange?

Do you like your current Soihtu apartment, but have a summer job in another city? One option – in legal terms – is to temporarily assign the apartment to another person, i.e., you can rent your apartment to another person, for example during the summer months.

In cases like this, you must sign a written contract with the person you are assigning your apartment to. The agreement is between the two of you, and your landlord, JYY (Soihtu), is not a party to it. Please note, however, that our customer service must be notified about assigning an apartment to someone else in a written format. You can find more detailed guidelines in our Housing instructions.

If you cannot find a reliable tenant or don’t want to assign your apartment to someone else, you can also terminate your rental contract, following the period of notice. In that case, you will practically terminate your contract and move out of your apartment at the end of the contract. You can apply for a new apartment for the autumn, but please note that we prioritize new students starting their studies when assigning available apartments in the beginning of August.

Info for students going for an exchange

If you are going for a student exchange next semester, for example, you can still temporarily assign your apartment to someone for that period of time. Alternatively, if you don’t want to assign your apartment to anyone, you can also terminate your rental contract. In that case, you will move out of the apartment at the end of the contract and if you want to return to Jyväskylä as a Soihtu tenant, you must apply for a new apartment. If you remember to act in time to apply for a new apartment, you will also secure yourself a Soihtu apartment for after the student exchange.

With these tips, you ensure getting a Soihtu apartment after returning from, for example, a student exchange:

If you need a storage for your furniture during your exchange period, remember to check if we have any temporary storage available.

Previously, when JYY (Soihtu) charged a security deposit from all its tenants, there was a policy allowing the tenants move their right of residence in Kortepohja Student Village. As of February 2022, JYY (Soihtu) is no longer following this practice, in accordance with the decision of JYY’s Board. Tenants who have transferred their tenancy right earlier are processing according to the previous operating model.

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