For the new tenant’s of Soihtu

A lot of new students are moving into Soihtu’s apartments this autumn. If you are one of the new tenants, it can feel like there are plenty of things to take care of so here is a list to help Soihtu’s new tenants.

You can get the keys to your apartment the earliest on the first working day of your tenancy agreement after 12 noon. If your tenancy agreement starts on a weekend or a on a holiday, you can get the keys on the next working day. You can pick up your keys from a key box (available 24/7) or from Soihtu Housing service point during opening hours. The key box is also located at Soihtu Housing service point. More information about the key box can be found in the Housing Instructions.

As Soihtu’s tenant, the electricity bill is included in your rent. You don’t need to sign an electricity contract with the electricity company when you move to Soihtu’s apartment. Moreover, in Kortepohja Student village and Soihtu Vehkakuja, the usage of water is included in the apartment rent. Soihtu Korttelikylä tenants are billed for water consumption, because the rent for Soihtu Korttelikylä does not include water. In connection with the rent, a water advance is charged by the number of tenants. The water fee is balanced every four months to correspond to the actual consumption of the apartment as indicated by the water meter.

Remember to get a home insurance. It will protect your home and belongings from unexpected damages.

Your rent includes Soihtu’s Broadband connection (1 Gbit/s) that offers a fast connection the Internet and all services included in the University’s network. You can connect to Soihtu’s broadband from the network sockets that are located in Soihtu’s apartments’ every room. Soihtu’s broadband connection is a branch of the University of Jyväskylä network. More information about Soihtu’s Broadband connection can be found in the Housing Instructions.

The rent must be paid by the 6th day of each month. In order for your payments to be entered right, make sure you are using the correct reference number when making the payments. You can pay the rent via online banking or in payment service TransferMate. If you are an exchange students, remember to pay your first month rent in advance.

Every Soihtu’s tenant gets a link for filling in an apartment card when they move in. Please remember to fill in the apartment card during your first month of tenancy.

Submit the move notification in time before moving to ensure that your information is updated as quickly as possible in the Population Information System and that your mail is not interrupted. You can use one notification to enter your address information both in the information system Digital and population data services agency maintains and, if you wish, in the Posti’s address information system. If you are a foreign citizen moving to Finland, please check the website of Digital and population data services agency.

We are happy to have you as our tenant!

Soihtu  JYY pesula Kortepohja - Kuva Anssi Kumpula
Sohvaryhmä leffatilassa

Our housing locations are known for their excellent services and communality. Many services are included in your rent when you choose to live at Soihtu. Notice, that the services might vary depending on the housing location.

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