Almost all apartments of August have been offered

Soihtu’s apartments are filled in the autumn when new students start their studies. Soihtu has three housing locations: Kortepohja Student Village, Soihtu Korttelikylä and Soihtu Vehkakuja. All apartments of August have now been offered to applicants. A tenancy agreement has already signed for most of it. Only few apartments or rooms may still come available, if one of those who received an apartment offer does not accept the offer.

We offer apartments that are available in the beginning of September to those who have sent an apartment application at the moment as well. Please note that there is no separate housing queue, the student apartments are offered based on the applicant’s needs.

Most of our apartments are unfurnished. Soihtu has furnished apartments in Kortepohja Student Village, but during the academic year, we reserve them for the exchange students of the University of Jyväskylä and JAMK University of Applied Sciences. JYU and JAMK have reserved a limited number of apartments for their exchange students. Soihtu can only guarantee a furnished student apartment for those exchange students, whose accommodation has been agreed with JYU or JAMK. All furnished apartments have been offered for the autumn semester 2023.

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