Tenant’s rights and responsibilities

When you move into a rental apartment, it’s good to familiarize yourself with your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. As a landlord, Soihtu adheres to the law governing residential leases, and we hope you will familiarize yourself with it as well.

Did you know that as a tenant, you have the right to…

… peace and quiet at home? No one can enter your apartment without notice. Maintenance work is only carried out at your request or with proper advance notice from the landlord.

… apartment maintenance? The landlord is responsible for the upkeep and repairs of the apartment.

… temporarily sublet the apartment to someone else? You can do this for up to 24 months if you need to stay in another location for studies, work, illness, or a similar reason.

… terminate the lease without a special reason? Typically, termination follows a statutory one-calendar-month notice period and must always be done in writing. A fixed-term lease CANNOT be terminated.

… a rent reduction or exemption if the apartment cannot be used or is not in the agreed or legally required condition?

However, tenants also have certain responsibilities, such as…

… paying the rent on time.

… keeping the apartment clean and in good condition.

… promptly notifying the landlord of any defects or issues in the apartment.

… considering the neighbors and adhering to the community rules.

… obtaining permission from the landlord for any alterations or repairs in the apartment.

… leaving the apartment in clean condition and returning all keys upon moving out.

Other important things to remember when signing a lease:

There is a law governing responsible renting of residential apartments

As a landlord, Soihtu adheres to the Residential Leases Act (1995/481) and the Fair Rental Practices (2018), and we recommend that tenants also familiarize themselves with these.

The Residential Leases Act outlines matters such as notice periods and issues related to apartment maintenance. Good Rental Practices, on the other hand, provide guidance for situations not clearly addressed by the law.

In ARA apartments (Kortepohja Student Village), tenant democracy is governed by the Act on Joint Management.

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