Exchange student – departure

Hope you have enjoyed your staying in Soihtu’s apartment! There are a few things you need to take care of before you leave.

Rent payments

Take care of your rents before leaving. Even if you leave before the ending date of you your rent agreement, you have a responsibility to pay your rent until the end of the last month of your agreement. Basically, this means that if your lease is valid until the end of May and whatever your leaving date is, you have to pay the rent of May before you leave. If you don’t take care of the payments on time, you also need to pay the debt collection costs. Therefore, it’s very important that you pay your rents – also the last one – on time.


It’s super important that you clean your room/apartment up when you move out. In shared apartments the shared spaces must also be tidied up every time a roommate moves out – even if it’s only one person moving. When Soihtu Facility services come to check the apartment, they will also check the cleanliness of the shared spaces. If they discover a messy apartment, Soihtu has the right to have the flat cleaned up by professionals. The costs will be charged from the tenant/s.  Move out cleaning -tips for you.


Return all your keys (depending on your building); magnetic stripe key card, metal key, contactless key card (or Rentukka Gym key card) and other possible keys to the Soihtu Housing service point. Under any circumstances DO NOT leave your keys in the apartment. Please return the keys to the service point (Vehkakuja 2 B) at latest by 12 noon on the working day that follows the last day of your tenancy agreement. If the service point is closed when you’re leaving, there’s a mail box on the right side of the front door. You can leave your keys there in an envelope. Don’t leave the keys in the mailbox of Rentukka.

It is a tenant’s responsibility to take care that the keys are returned to the Soihtu Housing service point in time. If a friend is returning your keys for you, make sure that they know they’re going to the right place. If the keys are returned late or to a wrong place, unfortunately we’ll have to charge you for it. More information about returning the keys.


The condition of your apartment will be checked the day after the keys are returned. Inspections won’t be made during weekends. Soihtu Facility services will see if anything has been broken and that the apartment has been cleaned up properly. They will also make sure that all the furniture is okay. You don’t need to book the inspection, it will happen automatically after the keys are returned. More information about the inspection.

Checklist for exchange student

Before leaving:

  • Take care of your last rent payment
  • Clean your apartment
  • Return you keys

Have a safe journey home!

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