Personnel changes in the Soihtu Housing team – Jenna Pigg to service manager, Anni Pajari to community manager

There have been changes in Soihtu Housing staff in August and September that are visible to the tenants as well. During Soihtu Housing’s service manager Jenni Kirkkomäki’s study leave, the duties of Soihtu Housing’s service manager are handled by Jenna Pigg, familiar to many Soihtu residents from her duties as Soihtu’s community manager. Anni Pajari, who has previously worked as a service secretary at Soihtu Housing’s service point, has been Soihtu’s community manager since the beginning of September.

“While working as a community manager, I have been able to see the development of Soihtu’s tenant communities from close quarters. I am excited to be able to use this expertise in the development of future student housing in the role of service manager”, says Jenna Pigg, who has worked at Soihtu since 2019. “Offering this opportunity is a great demonstration of trust from the employer and an opportunity to learn something new.”

“As the community manager, I expect to get to grips with social media and marketing”, says Anni Pajari, for whom Soihtu has been a familiar workplace since 2017. “Completely new tasks in a familiar team and workplace are exciting, and as a community manager, I get to look at living in Soihtu from a completely new perspective”.

From the community manager you get support in community activities and help with tenancy problems

The community manager is a visible person for the tenants of Soihtu, as the duties include not only supporting resident and community activities, but also the work of tenant advisor. Tenant advisor’s work is different from Soihtu’s usual customer service – it is, above all, accompanying the tenant in problem situations related to housing. When a tenant needs advice and help regarding prolonged rent payment problems, recurring disruptive behavior of a neighbor or other life issue related to housing, they can contact the tenant advisor. With the tenant advisor’s help, even more challenging situations can be resolved and the tenant can be directed to applicable services.

“I hope that the residents are in contact with a low threshold, if something is worrying them in their housing or life situation. It’s always easier to solve things sooner rather than later”, says community manager Anni Pajari.

Soihtu Housing’s personnel are involved in the residents’ daily lives both at Soihtu Housing service point in Vehkakuja 2b and at Rentukka info desk in Kortepohja Student Village, where Soihtu Housing staff members work on a rotating shift.

“Despite the changes taking place in Soihtu Housing team, residents can rely on the quality of service at every location”, promises service manager Jenna Pigg.

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