In the Village, everything important is close by

Text: Anni Pajari | Pictures: Tiina Salminen, Visual Friday

Tom Sundberg from Pieksämäki moved to Jyväskylä a few years ago to study information systems sciences. The Student Village was not a place he was familiar with, but it was enough for Tom to know that there would be a gym and a student restaurant in Rentukka next to his future home. 

His first home was located in building E. Later, when the renovation started, Tom wanted to stay in the Village and moved to his current home in building H. 

“Our building is so peaceful that sometimes I wonder if I have neighbors at all,” he says with a laugh. 

Advocacy in the Tenants’ Council

Tom, also called the gym elf, is a familiar sight to many villagers at Rentukka’s gym. He wanted to have an impact on the equipment used at the gym and decided to join the Tenants’ Committee. As gym manager, appointed by the Tenants’ Committee, he looks after places in the gym and makes development proposals. He also serves as the treasurer of the committee. Tom would like more villagers to participate in the Tenants’ Committee meetings. 

“It’s not good if a small group decides on matters that affect everyone. You can also come to the meetings just to hang out and listen, even if you’re not actually part of the committee,” he encourages. 

Like many other tenants of Soihtu, Tom appreciates carefree living when many services are included in the rent. Tom also appreciates the Village’s sense of community and likes that when he goes to the gym or to eat at Rentukka, he always meets friends. 

“The holy trinity of everyday life is gym, Rentukka’s restaurant and my own flat. My current circle of friends mainly consists of people I met for the first time at Rentukka’s gym.” 

Active everyday life with a dog

Nowadays Tom doesn’t live alone anymore, since he has Tera, a one-year-old Staffordshire bull terrier, as his company. In addition to studies, gym and Tenants’ Committee, Tom works and enjoys playing the guitar, mountain biking and scuba diving. Everyday life requires strict calendaring. 

“Tera keeps me active, but on the other hand, it also slows me down and helps maintain my routines. It is a sucker for closeness so, sometimes we have to calm down and lie on the sofa together.” 

Since the Village feels like home, Tom plans to live here at least until the end of his studies. The current apartment is also enough for himself and his dog friend, at least for now. 

“Yes, there is enough room for two guys here,” he says of his compact studio apartment. 

“The holy trinity of everyday life is gym, Rentukka’s restaurant and my own flat.”

Tom Sundberg, tenant of Kortepohja Student Village

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