Parking places

Parking is allowed only on the marked car parks. The parking places of Soihtu will be rented in the eParking system. A parking fee will be paid in the eParking system as well. If you want to rent a parking place, you must first apply for the right to reserve a parking placed based on your address. You can queue for the parking place before your tenancy agreement begins, but it has to be signed. More information on renting a parking place can be found at the webpage of eParking.

The parked car’s registration number must be correct in the eParking system because the parking control is based on scanning the registration plate. It is possible to add several car registration numbers to the same parking space.

When making new parking place agreement, the key/token for the heating pole will be collected from the service point of Soihtu Housing. A right for a parking place is proved by showing a reservation on eParking. You can also use a coin to open the heating pole that opens with a token.

eParking receives information about the end of your tenancy agreement, so the parking place rental ends at the same time as the tenancy agreement.

Customer service related to parking and parking places is provided by eParking. Although parking places are rented through eParking, Soihtu (JYY) is still a landlord of parking places.

Permanent car parking available in following housing locations:

Notice, that Soihtu Korttelikylä is a car-free housing location, where only guest parking available.

Price list for the parking places (1st of March 2024 onward):

Questions about parking?

In matters related to parking place reservation or parking fee, please contact the customer service of eParking. Also if someone is parking on your place, you can contact the customer service of eParking.

eParking customer service:
tel. +358 3 4108 9272

In matters related to the condition of parking places, kindly file a maintenance request to Soihtu Facility Services.

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