The power duo of events 

Text: Anni Pajari | Pictures: Tiina Salminen, Tiitu Design

Almost all events in the Kortepohja Student Village are organized by the Tenants’ Committee. The Committee is made up of active villagers who want to be involved in creating a sense of community and developing the Village to reflect its tenants. 

The Tenants’ Committee gives people the opportunity to express themselves according to their own interests. Some years ago, the current chair of the Committee Amanda Mäkinen, dreamed of organizing events in the Village, and ended up doing that with the Tenants’ Committee. 

Before an event, the organizers plan the schedule and how the event will be communicated to tenants, divide the tasks and create a budget for supplies. 

“When I get a good idea, I usually want to implement it right away, which can be a challenge,” says Amanda.   

No friend gets left behind 

The Tenants’ Committee and Amanda are also behind the popular sports sessions in the Village. It has been an effective way to recruit more members to the Committee. After the sport sessions, Amanda, Aino Huhtanen and a few other participants usually hang out and chat a bit. At times, Amanda has mentioned to her new friends that she is organizing an event and asked them to just drop by and say hello. 

“When they arrived, I mentioned that maybe they could help a bit with carrying the goods or even chopping up the vegetables,” Amanda says, laughing at her strategy. 

Aino admits that she got involved in event planning partly by chance, with no previous experience. Nowadays, the duo’s division of labour is clear: Amanda takes care of the big picture of planning, while Aino helps with the practical arrangements, such as shopping and getting the premises ready. 

“Sometimes friends feel tired to come and sort things out after a long day. But we always end up cleaning the place in the evening with the same group, listening to music at the same time,” says Amanda. 

Food and hanging out works every time 

Events that have become traditions, such as sauna-appro and Christmas parties, are usually guaranteed to be popular. With new events, it’s always a surprise whether a few or dozens of people turn up. Aino and Amanda have a shared vision of what draws people to an event. 

“Students are always interested in free food! Crafts, baking, speed friending and board game nights have also been popular.” 

Last year, Amanda initiated wine and whining nights in the Village, where tenants can share their wishes and give feedback while enjoying the food and activities. Participants have for instance requested different cultural events and for specific sports to be included in the sports program. 

Aino, who moved to the Village in 2018, remembers settling into her new home through sitsfest events organized in the Village. She dreams of organizing such events at some point in the future. Amanda has a vision of her dream event too. 

“There would be loads of food, some quiz or a bingo, creative crafts and of course animals, everyone likes animals.” 

“Students are always interested in free food! Crafts, baking, speed friending and board game nights have also been popular.” 

Aino (on the left) and Amanda

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