Verification of right of tenancy

Buildings A-J and Q-T in Kortepohja Student Village are so called ARA student housing locations (ARA is the Housing Finance and Development Centre of Finland). Therefore the tenant selection criteria of ARA specifies the tenant selection to these student housing locations

The right of tenancy in the above-mentioned residential buildings is regularly litigated by Soihtu. We collect the information of the membership of the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä (JYY) from JYY’s register. The right of tenancy and verification of the right of tenancy has been defined in the terms of tenancy.

If you have received a request from Soihtu to submit a document on your right of tenancy, please follow the instructions below depending on your own situation. Submit the attachment related to your right of tenancy to Soihtu using the attached form.

Note! In fall 2023 the right of tenancy will be inspected in the buildings A-E in Kortepohja Student Village. During the verification, no contract changes will be made to the tenancy agreements of the residential buildings in question at the tenant’s request, until the right of tenancy has been verified.