Soihtu completes two major construction projects in the summer of 2022

The renovation of building E is a climate-friendly culture act

Since 2017, there has been a major ongoing construction project in the Kortepohja Student Village, as the tower blocks A-E, protected in the town plan, have been renovated one by one to meet the requirements of modern residential construction. In practice, the renovated building will be like brand-new, as the renovation involves a thorough modernization of structures and furniture. The last one of the tower blocks, building E, will be completed next summer.

The renovation of the tower blocks shows that with careful planning, even old properties can become part of an ecologically sustainable housing project. From an environmental point of view, the most important updates are the renewals of the land management. The energy efficiency of the building will improve and the carbon footprint during the building’s lifecycle will reduce.

The new tenants will move into the renovated building in August 2022. The building has 145 studio apartments.

Unique Soihtu Korttelikylä

Another long construction project will also come to an end when the two buildings in Soihtu Korttelikylä are completed in Mäki-Matti. The tenants of the Korttelikylä will have access to a diverse set of communal facilities available to the entire residential community. This will be implemented in co-operation with the Central Finland Student Housing Foundation KOAS, which is also constructing its own buildings on the Korttelikylä site.

In line with its strategy, Soihtu aims to work sustainably during the construction projects as well. The Korttelikylä site will follow the highest energy class A. In addition to the energy-efficient building shell and building service technology, the site generates solar energy, using solar panels placed on the roof. According to the Soihtu Housing concept, electricity is included in the rent, and the site uses all the electricity it produces itself.

There are 158 apartments in the Soihtu Korttelikylä buildings, 142 of which are studios and 16 of which two-room apartments. New tenants can move in to the buildings in July 2022.

Soihtu Korttelikylä

Soihtu Korttelikylä generates solar energy, using solar panels placed on the roof. According to the Soihtu Housing concept, electricity is included in the rent, and the site uses all the electricity it produces itself.

Joint application period in April

The application period for apartments in both Korttelikylä and in the renovated building E begins in April 1, 2022 and lasts until the end of April. When choosing tenants for Soihtu apartments, we prioritize JYY members first and other students after that.

All apartment applications submitted during the application period are taken into consideration, so it doesn’t matter when exactly during the application period the application is sent. If you already have a valid apartment application, you can add new locations on it after the application period has started.

We will start sending apartment offers to applicants in May and announce on our website when all the offers have been sent out. Apartment offers for Korttelikylä are sent first and offers for building E after that.

More information, such as floor plans for the apartments, will be available on our website during February. The rents can be checked when the application period begins.

Read more about the ongoing construction projects and their progress from the Construction and real estate development -section.

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