Over one fourth of the tenants responded to the tenant survey

Soihtu conducts an annual tenant survey in two parts. The aim of the spring survey is to map out the Soihtu tenants’ opinions about the area, their own residential building and apartment, and about the area’s services and tenant activities. In the autumn’s survey, we ask the tenants’ opinions and views about the property maintenance. Many Soihtu tenants responded to the tenant survey conducted in April, and the response rate this spring was 25.2%.

According to the respondents, Soihtu (JYY) is perceived as a reliable and safe landlord (90%) and the rental level of Soihtu’s residential properties is reasonable (86%). More than 80% of the tenants say that they enjoy their place of residence and consider the area’s services to be sufficient. Measured by the NPS recommendation indicator, 49% of tenants would recommend Soihtu as a landlord (grade 9-10). Soihtu’s NPS indicator is 34.

“I recommend Soihtu because the rent is good and it’s include many benefits.”

Tenant survey, spring 2022

Residential building

Based on the survey, tenants are quite satisfied with their own residential building. 84% of the respondents say that they are quite or very satisfied with their own residential building. Tenants are most satisfied with the location and least satisfied with the adequacy of common storage facilities.


Tenants are generally quite satisfied with their own apartment. 85% of the respondents say that they are quite or very satisfied with their own apartment. 80% of the tenants feel at home in their apartment.

Broadband connection provided by Soihtu

The majority of respondents (88%) use the broadband connection provided by Soihtu. Tenants are quite satisfied with the speed and functionality of the connection. 96% of the respondents say that they use Soihtu’s broadband connection for leisure-time communication, 90% for searching for information related to studying, 89% for watching learning videos and 87% for real-time distance learning.

Soihtu Housing service point and Rentukka Info

When evaluating the Soihtu Housing service point and the Rentukka Info, the respondents are most satisfied with the professionalism and service-mindedness of the staff. The respondents are least satisfied with the availability of both customer service points.

Housing services

Respondents consider the most important Soihtu housing services being the water and electricity included in the rent, free laundry turns and the Soihtu broadband connection.

Tenant activity and democracy

17% of the respondents say that they have participated in tenant activities. The most common reasons for participating in the tenant activities are the desire to belong to the community and to get to know other tenants. 17% of the respondents say that they have fairly good or very good knowledge of Soihtu’s tenant activities and democracy, and the kind of housing issues that tenants themselves are able to have an influence on. However, tenant activity and democracy are generally considered very or fairly important by 62% of the tenants.

Various wishes and development ideas

Tenant surveys are one of Soihtu’s approaches of mapping out the wishes and opinions of tenants. In the surveys, the tenants give a lot of open feedback every year, which Soihtu’s staff reviews carefully. Feasible suggestions are considered and possibly implemented immediately or scheduled for later.

Development ideas suggested in the spring survey:

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