52 hikes a year

Text: Anni Pajari | Pictures: Tiina Salminen, Visual Friday

Jenna Pigg, Soihtu’s service manager, can’t name one and only favorite place, but she says that she has always enjoyed being in nature, for instance hiking on nature trails and in national parks.

“As a child, we played in the nearby forests in Viitasaari every day. At the cottage in Kivijärvi we went to pick berries and mushrooms,” she says.

Later, Jenna’s path led to the city and abroad, and the connection with nature was lost for a while. Last autumn, however, she started camping. At the same time, Jenna noticed a hiking challenge, where the goal is to go on a hike at least once a week and improve your own hiking skills.

Jenna has been hiking in various places already, but she was surprised to see how many great hiking destinations can be found in Jyväskylä and nearby municipalities. Hyyppäänvuori in Laukaa was particularly impressive.

“In February, I snowshoed to Hyppäänvuori for the first time. Once I got there, I was moved to tears – somehow the place felt very homelike and holy.”

“Once I got there, I was moved to tears – somehow the place felt very homelike and holy.”

Jenna Pigg, Service manager of Soihtu

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