Public sauna turns in Kortepohja Student Village

Public sauna turns are available in all parts of the Student Village. There is a public sauna in buildings A, F, N and P. As a tenant you can use the public sauna turns for free. You can find the locations of the saunas and other information from Housing Instructions’ page for Saunas.

NB: There will be changes to the public sauna turns starting from 1st of January onwards, please check the new turns below.

Due to renovation, the men’s sauna in building A is closed 9th of March 2023.

Sauna turns in building A are from 19 to 22 every day.


N sauna at 19 – 22

P sauna at 19 – 22


F sauna at 18 – 22


F sauna at 18 – 22

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