What is it like living in a new house?

A great number of Soihtu’s residential buildings are newly renovated or recently built houses. Living in a new house is often not only a nice but also an exciting experience, especially for the first tenant of the apartment, because there are still many things to adjust in a ready-to-live house. Adjusting the house for everyday living can take several years. Read what to expect as a tenant of a new house!

Building a house is a big investment

When the builder, the Student Union of the University of Jyväskylä JYY in the case of Soihtu buildings, decides to build or renovate an apartment building, it can be compared to any large acquisition. Building new and constructing existing houses is based on works contracts. They apply the construction industry’s established contract practices and conditions, which also affect the lives of the first tenants of the buildings.

To put is simply, the planning of procurement, in this case construction, begins in cooperation with several professionals, years before the actual implementation. Before starting, agreements are made between several parties, the implementation phase is closely monitored so that everything goes as it should, and the house – like any purchase – is still covered by the warranty for years after the building is completed. The process is, of course, more complicated than buying headphones or a balcony chair, but the main steps are like in any major purchase.

The new house is being inspected even when the tenants have moved in

In a construction project, the different stages of the operation are reflected in the lives of the tenants already living in the area. For instance, the warranty period of a building becomes visible for the first and perhaps the second tenant of an apartment when they move in. Only mandatory inspection visits are done inside the apartments, but it is good as a new tenant to be aware of upcoming inspections.

Follow-up work is minimized

Soihtu strives to build the houses as complete as possible during the construction phase, so that there is no need to visit the apartments after commissioning due to any follow-up and adjustment work. Sometimes, however, for one reason or another, something that has not been repaired or that will only be revealed after commissioning may come up in the apartment.

Implementation of a house in a nutshell:

Tenants can submit maintenance requests anytime

While two years is a short moment in a building’s life cycle, it is a long time in human life. Thus, a tenant of a new house should by no means tolerate a fault that causes inconvenience or further damage in his or her apartment, and we are happy about the activity of our tenants in reporting faults both via the online maintenance request and on the warrantee survey.

It is also the responsibility of the Soihtu tenants, as required by the legislation on tenants, to report any faults in the apartment and to make an electronic request for maintenance when needed. Minor cases that significantly interfere with living or cause possible additional damage will be repaired immediately and do not have to wait for the end of the warranty period and for warranty repairs.

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