Updating the contactless key cards will soon be easier

The key cards that are used in Soihtu’s apartments and common rooms have a limited time of validity. In practice this has meant that previously the tenants have needed to change the cards for new ones at Soihtu Housing service point.

Recently we have installed an encoding device to a closer proximity of the majority of Soihtu’s tenants. When the contactless key card expires, the tenant can update their key card on the encoding device. This way, it’s possible for the tenant to update their card whenever it best suits them.

The encoding device is located in Rentukka and will be taken into use during this spring. More information will be published when the test runs of the device have been performed and the encoding device is ready for the tenants’ use. Some contactless key cards expire in May, and we hope the self-service encoding possibility streamlines the daily life of our tenants.

Magnetic stripe key cards still need to be renewed at the customer service

The magnetic stripe key cards can’t be renewed on the encoding device and they still need to be changed at the Soihtu Housing service point.

Up next to face the renewing of the magnetic stripe key cards are the tenants in buildings M and N. If you live in one of these, you can pick up your new magnetic stripe key card on Soihtu Housing service point starting from Monday 10.5.2021. The old magnetic stripe key cards need to be returned at the same time. We will inform the tenants in these buildings via e-mail of the schedule. If you are moving out from M or N buildings before June, you don’t need to change your card, because your current magnetic stripe key card is still valid through your moving day.

TL,DR: We will soon be introducing an encoding device for the tenants’ use for contactless key card updates, and send e-mails to tenants of buildings MN, whose magnetic stripe key cards expire soon.

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