What is Soihtu Stay? Get to know our affordable option for summer travel 

Text: Soihtu Stay staff | Photo: Oona Jantunen

As you may already know, Soihtu accommodates exchange students in furnished apartments in Kortepohja, Jyväskylä during the autumn and spring semesters of higher education. However, international students move back to their home country at the end of May, after which the apartments become vacant for the whole summer. Jyväskylä does attract young people to summer jobs and gig workers to short work assignments, it was noticed that there is clearly more potential in short-term accommodation for Soihtu. Soihtu Stay was born from the desire to offer accommodation to travelers in fully furnished apartments, in a relaxed manner and at an affordable price, of course! 

The good experiences of the pilot summer encouraged us to keep going 

Soihtu Stay started operations in July 2021 with a dozen furnished apartments. The experiences of offering short-term accommodation were good. In 2022, there was an opportunity to continue the well-started business and test what Soihtu Stay is capable of. Soihtu Stay is an accommodation destination especially preferred by business travelers and groups of friends in the legendary student village. Booking and payment can be done conveniently online, and you don’t have to wait in line at the reception. You get the keys directly from the pick-up machine on your own schedule and check in immediately after picking up the keys. Our price also includes selected Student Village services, such as sauna and gym. 

Soihtu Stay operates throughout July 

Interested? Click on soihtu.fi/stay and book your accommodation on our website or recommend us to a traveller friend. Soihtu Stay accepts guests until the end of July 2022! 

Do you need accommodation for your group or an apartment for a longer period? Contact stay@soihtu.fi and ask for an offer. You can also find Soihtu Stay on Facebook and Instagram. 

Facebook: @soihtustay Instagram: @soihtustay

Affordable and relaxed accommodation

Soihtu Stay is an accommodation destination especially preferred by business travelers and groups of friends in the legendary student village.


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