Welcome to the Student Village!

The new academic year is almost here and it’s the time of the year, when students start to arrive to the Village after summer – hundreds of new tenants as well.

Kortepohja’s Student Village is known for its lively communality. Kortepohja is usually remembered as a stage of funny parties and student events, and from the Village many have found a group of people with whom they keep in touch after many years – this is why student life is so immemorial.

Here are some tips for you, how to easily get to know your neighbors and find your own community.

Village Tours

During the Village Tour, we get to know not only the common rooms and neighbors, but also the history of the Student Village and many interesting stories behind it. Even if you’ve been living in a Student Village for some time, this is a great way to get to know your new neighbors. Welcome!

Village Tours: 25.8., 1.9. and 8.9. at 4.30 PM (meeting at Rentukka square)

Village Meetings

Village Meetings are a new thing this autumn. We meet once a month to talk about current topics and at the same time get to know other tenants as well. In the meetings you can also meet Soihtu’s Community Manager, if you want to ask questions about housing at a low threshold.

Autumn’s Village Meetings: 15.9., 20.10., 17.11. and 15.12.

The exact schedules are always announced in the Tenant Info newsletter, which is sent to the tenants by e-mail at the beginning of each month.


Rentukka in the Student Village gathers several clubs every week, from Board Game Club to Kenjutsu and Yoga. Check out the clubs on our website and join!

Discord community

Do you want to get to know your neighbors or just chat about the current topics? Join the Village’s own Discord community and you are always up to date on the Village’s happenings.

Link opens in a new tab.


Rentukka is the Heart of a Living Village – there you will find a student restaurant, gym, common rooms and the Info Desk’s services. It is easy to get to know the neighbors at Rentukka!

Tenants Activity and Tenants’ Committee

Would you like to join the Tenants’ committee? A new tenants’ committee is always elected at the annual Tenants’ meeting. The next Tenants’ meeting will be held in October-November – you will receive a separate invitation during the autumn.


The aim is to regularly organize events in the Student Village, but we also need enthusiastic tenants to organize them. The events are planned together in the monthly Village Meetings – feel free to join!

27.8.                Kortepohja Festival (together with Leija project)

23.-25.9.         Light art in the Village (City of Light)

Community Manager

You can meet Soihtu’s Community Manager at the Village tours and meetings, other events in the Village and also at Rentukka’s Info Desk. You can contact her e.g. about common rooms, events and tenant advisor’s services

Contact Community Manager Jenna: yhteisomanageri@rentukka.fi.

Welcome to the Student Village!

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