Tenants in shared apartments, prepare for a new flatmate moving in

During summer and the beginning on autumn, many new students are moving into the Student Village as well as to available apartments in other housing locations. So that a new tenant would feel comfortable moving into Kortepohja and a shared apartment, please make sure that the common rooms in your apartment are clean. A new tenant will be moving into every available room during August and September.

If you live in a shared apartment, remember at least these:

  • Make sure that the common spaces are clean.
  • If you are using several cabinets in the common spaces, make sure that there is space for the new tenant’s things.
  • Agree on some common rules for your apartment.
  • Let your flatmate know your best housing tips (tell them, which is the best laundry room, the shortest route to campus etc.).
Kuvassa kaksi henkilöä siivoaa keittiössä. Toinen pesee lattioita ja toinen nostaa tuoleja pöydälle.

This article was originally shared in the Tenant Info of July. Tenant Info is a monthly newsletter about current housing-related matters that Soihtu sends to tenants. The newsletter is sent once a month to the email address provided by the resident in our system. Therefore, make sure you have provided us with your current email address through the Tenant’s Page.

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