Student Village’s Tenants’ meeting on 16th of February 2022

In Soihtu’s housing locations, tenants can influence housing and the development of the community in many ways. You can participate in tenants activity in the official Tenants’ meetings, Tenants’ committee or in the more informal Village Meetings and Village Team.

Tenants’ meeting is held in the Student Village annually in November. In the meetings, current housing issues are reviewed and a tenants’ committee is elected for the following year. The last Tenants’ meeting was held in November 2021, but a tenants’ committee for 2022 was not formed due to lack of participants.

However, during autumn’s monthly Village meetings tenants have been planning events and discussed housing related issues. The Village team has it’s own WhatsApp group, that is open for all Soihtu’s tenants – in the group we discuss of the current topics and make more specific plans for the events. According to the law, we still need to make some decisions in official Tenants’ meetings – these subjects are f.ex. events and tenant activity budget.

Therefore, we invite all Student Village’s tenants to an extra Tenants’ meeting on February. On the agenda we have the budget of the tenant activity and the events for the year 2022. In this Tenants’ meeting it is also possible to form a Tenants’ committee for 2022, if there is enough tenants who are interested in tenant activity and democracy.

The meeting is going to be arranged as a hybrid meeting. Pizza on spot and those you are participating online, will get lunch vouchers as a thank you for the activity. Welcome!

You can read more of tenant activity via links below:

Tenants’ meeting

Time: 16.2.2022 at 17.00-18.30

Place: Bertta / Teams


  1. Opening of the meeting
  2. Legality and quorum
  3. Organization of the meeting
  4. Adoption of the agenda
  5. Tenants’ Budget 2022
  6. Tenants’ Committee for 2022
  7. Other topics
  8. Ending of the meeting

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